Saturday, September 18, 2021

Internet & Communications in Laos

AsiaLaosInternet & Communications in Laos

The country code for Laos is +856 20 654 321, and the format for phone numbers in Laos is +856 20 654 321. All numbers beginning with 20 are mobile, while the rest are landlines.

  • Laos Country Code is “+856”.
  • International Call Prefix is “00”.
  • Laos Call Prefix is “0”.

Internet cafés may be found in bigger cities, however connection speeds are sometimes excruciatingly sluggish, and the cafe personnel is often inexperienced. In Vientiane, the most stable connections cost about 100 kip per minute, with the lowest providing 4,000 kip per hour. However, there is no assurance of Internet security, and computer viruses abound.

Wi-Fi is the best choice in most situations. Customers may use free Wi-Fi in most Western-style cafés. The majority of lodgings (even cheap hotels in Vientiane) now provide free Wi-Fi.

For those who want to remain longer and need mobile Internet, GPRS through mobile phone is also a possibility, particularly if you have a local or Thai SIM.

With four competitive GSM providers, Laos’ mobile phone use has exploded. Two of them provide roaming options. It is usually cheaper to call someone on the same network than to call someone on a different network, yet there is no obvious market leader. Locals use any of the four networks, but tourists and expatriates choose Tigo or M-phone (Laotel).

Without any paperwork, local prepaid SIM cards may be bought in a variety of shops and retailers. However, be warned that the government taps virtually all network communication (including phone and fax).

Thai GSM service is accessible near the Thai border (covering a large portion of Vientiane), and Thai SIM cards and top-up cards may be purchased in Laos; DeeDial International Call Cards are also available. As a result, if you already have a Thai phone number, you may utilize the (usually less expensive) Thai network and/or avoid purchasing a new SIM card. However, be aware that if you have an International Roaming-enabled Thai SIM, it will connect to a Lao network when the Thai network is unavailable, resulting in considerably higher roaming costs.

Laos’ postal service is sluggish but usually dependable. Other paid alternatives, such as FedEx, DHL, and EMS, are available in a variety of places. These services are more costly, but they are also more dependable.