Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Kyrgyzstan

AsiaKyrgyzstanThings To See in Kyrgyzstan
  • Bishkek, the capital, has bazaars as well as Soviet-era monuments and architecture.
  • Only a half-hour drive from Bishkek lies Al-Archa National Park, which has high peaks of over 4,000 meters.
  • The Sulaiman-Too mountain near Osh is Kyrgyzstan’s sole World Heritage Site. A market, mosques, and Soviet architecture may all be found in Osh.
  • Issyk Kul, in eastern Kyrgyzstan, is the world’s second biggest alpine lake, surrounded by mountains.
  • Wander around Osh Bazaar – Traditional Eastern market in Bishkek selling everything from spices to dishwashers.
  • Dordoi Bazaar, the biggest bazaar in Central Asia, is located 20 minutes north of Bishkek and offers inexpensive Chinese products.
  • Issyk Kul, the world’s second largest high-altitude alpine lake, is a great place to swim, sail, and sunbathe.
  • In Naryn Oblast, stay in a yurt at Tash Rabat – Ruins of a Caravansarai.
  • Song Kul, a high-altitude mountain lake less frequented than Issyk Kul and perfect for witnessing traditional semi-nomadic Kyrgyz life in action, allows you to live like a nomad.