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Stay Safe & Healthy in Kyrgyzstan

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Stay Safe in Kyrgyzstan

In comparison to Western Europe, Kyrgyzstan is a safe nation.

As in any other major city, fights and attacks tend to cluster around nightclubs and bars. There is no evidence that Bishkek is especially hazardous for foreigners at this time. There is scant evidence for additional cities in the Kyrgyz Republic.

There have been allegations in the past of dishonest police officers checking visitors’ luggage in order to take money. The embassy should be informed of these occurrences. Since many nations no longer need visas, visitors cannot be harassed by unscrupulous police officers claiming that anything is wrong with their visa or registration.

Bride kidnappings, also known as Ala Kachuu, are a tragically frequent and traditional phenomenon in Kyrgyzstan’s rural, in which a woman is abducted and forced to marry. Two American women were bride abducted in Kyrgyzstan’s rural regions, according to the US Embassy in 2007.

In Kyrgyzstan, corruption is a major problem, and the population is persuaded that the police cannot be trusted. Previously, some police would stop vehicles and demand a bribe.

Stay Healthy in Kyrgyzstan

Car accidents and accidents when crossing the street or falling into a hole in the sidewalk provide the greatest danger in Kyrgyzstan. You should also be cautious while approaching stray animals and stay away from dogs.

The safety of food and drinking water varies greatly by location. The national drink of Kyrgyzstan, Kumys, is said to be very healthful and may treat a variety of illnesses.

It should be noted that some communities do not have power 24 hours a day. As a result, restaurants may offer you quick-heated, pre-cooked dishes, or meat may not have been kept in a refrigerator prior to preparation. Because they don’t usually cook the meat long enough, the latter may induce food poisoning or parasite-borne diseases. As a result, only consume meals that were cooked the same day.

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