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Culture Of Kyrgyzstan

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Traditions in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz celebrate the traditional New Year celebration Nowruz on the spring equinox in addition to the New Year on January 1st. This spring festival is marked by feasts and activities, such as the Ulak Tartish horse race.

Bride kidnapping is an illegal but still performed custom.

It’s disputed if bride abduction is a traditional practice. Some of the misunderstanding may come from the fact that arranged marriages were formerly common, and one method to get out of one was to organize a consenting “kidnapping.”


The 40-rayed golden sun in the middle of the flag represents the 40 tribes that formerly comprised Kyrgyz culture before Russia’s involvement during the Soviet Union’s ascent. The sun’s lines symbolize the yurt’s crown, or tündük (Kyrgyz тyндк), a motif seen in many aspects of Kyrgyz architecture. Kyrgyzstan’s peace and openness are symbolized by the red part of the flag.

Horse riding

The significance of horseback riding in Kyrgyz culture is reflected in traditional national sports.

Ulak Tartysh, a team game that resembles a cross between polo and rugby in which two teams of riders compete for possession of a headless goat carcass that they attempt to deliver across the opposition’s goal line, or into the opposition’s goal: a big tub or a circle marked on the ground, is very popular in Central Asia.


Football is Kyrgyzstan’s most popular sport. The Football Federation of Kyrgyz Republic, which was established in 1992 after the Soviet Union’s disintegration, is the country’s official governing organization. It is in charge of the Kyrgyz national football team.

In Kyrgyzstan, wrestling is also a prominent sport. Kanatbek Begaliev (silver) and Ruslan Tyumenbayev (bronze) both won medals in Greco-Roman wrestling at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games (bronze).

In Kyrgyzstan, ice hockey was not as popular until the inaugural Ice Hockey Championship was held in 2009. The men’s national ice hockey team of Kyrgyzstan won the Premier Division at the 2011 Asian Winter Games, winning all six games. Kyrgyzstan’s ice hockey team competed in their first major international tournament. The men’s ice hockey team of Kyrgyzstan joined the IIHF in July 2011.

In the nation, bandy is growing more popular. When the Kyrgyz national team won bronze in the Asian Winter Games, it was the country’s first medal. They competed in the Bandy World Championship 2012 for the first time, which was their first participation in the event.


Respect is a standard in the West. The Kyrgyz people are extremely westernized, despite the fact that they are officially a Muslim nation. There are no specific clothing requirements. Although the dress code in Bishkek is Western and sometimes exposing, women in the south of the nation should dress more modestly to avoid drawing unwanted male attention. Evenings may be dangerous since alcohol drunkenness is common at this time. Proceed cautiously.