Friday, September 10, 2021

Things To Do in Kuwait

AsiaKuwaitThings To Do in Kuwait
  • Spas and sea clubs Many of Kuwait’s sea clubs include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, beaches, tennis courts, gymnasiums, bowling, and even karate.
  • Riding. In the winter, horse riding groups thrive. The Hunting and Equestrian Club is located near the Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Armed Forces Hospital on the 6th ring road.
  • Golf. The “Sahara Club” golf course is situated next to the Hunting and Equestrian Club, just off the 6th ring road. It has a five-star restaurant as well as a spa.
  • Swimming and diving are two activities. Swimming is permitted on many public beaches along Gulf Street. Women in swimsuit are uncommon and may upset natives. Beach resorts such as Radisson SAS and Palms provide beaches for all genders but charge a fee. Swimming near the mainland is not advised, however, since most beach locations are also disposal grounds for raw, untreated sewage. Few houses have swimming pools, and those that do tend to be inside and below ground. Many of the larger hotels and spas feature fairly sized pools, although they may be very costly for non-guests.
  • Boating. Sailing and scuba diving are options. Powerboating is a popular pastime in Kuwait. Contact any of the hotels on the beach and they would be happy to organize a trip for you. The Hilton Resort, Movenpick Resort, Marina Hotel, and Radisson SAS are the finest beachfront hotels. Hiring a boat should be approached with caution, and the boat should be thoroughly examined for indications of neglect before consenting to a rental. Many unsuspecting visitors have been trapped at sea for hours while the coastguard ineptly tries a rescue since, like cars in Kuwait, technical upkeep is not a high priority for most boat owners.
  • Shopping malls The Avenues, located on the 5th ring road beyond Road 60, is Kuwait’s biggest mall. It is one of the biggest malls in the whole Middle East, with several apparel and technology shops, as well as a Carrefour and an Ikea. It also provides the finest cinematic experience in Kuwait, with VIP cinemas equipped with massage reclining chairs and a personal butler. Marina Mall (Salmiya), Souq Sharq (Sharq), 360 Mall (features a 3D IMax theater, situated in Jinoob al Surra between the 6th ring road and route 50), and Al-Kout Mall (Fahaheel) are other prominent shopping destinations.
  • Visiting Markets. Despite the increasing number of malls, Kuwait still has a large number of small markets. See the Buy section of the Kuwait City page for further information.