Saturday, September 18, 2021

Internet & Communications in Kuwait

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Kuwait’s country code is 965. Local phone numbers have eight digits. Numbers beginning with 2 are for landline telephones, whereas numbers beginning with 5, 6, or 9 are for mobile telephones, and numbers beginning with 1 are for service numbers. There are no area codes in Kuwait, therefore calling inside the country will never need an extra 0 at the start.

Kuwait has expensive international calling rates. Despite the fact that phoning abroad is likewise extremely inexpensive, To make international calls, it is best to utilize applications and services such as Line or Skype. Phoneserve cards are available for home use (mainly in Hawally) and may be used to make low-cost international calls. Users using credit cards also communicate through Skype and Yahoo Voice, although the Skype website is now blocked (However, the app can be used).

Some traditional corner stores known as “Baqqalat” (plural: Baqqala) sell an international calling card known as Big Boss, which provides low rates to Europe but only when calling landlines. Even when calling mobile phones in the rest of the world, the prices are reasonable.


GSM is extensively used in Kuwait, and mobile phones are readily available. Zain, Wataniya Telecom (Ooredoo), and VIVA are the operators. Because roaming fees may be exorbitant, it is sense to get a local SIM card. Any of the authorised branches may provide you with a new SIM card. A SIM card may be purchased from most phone shops and does not need registration. The applicant’s passport is required for registration.


Kuwait has a number of internet and telecommunications service providers. The media in Kuwait is among the most vocal in the Gulf nations, with journalists self-censoring on royal family-related topics. Kuwait is one of the region’s fastest growing ICT marketplaces. Because the majority of Kuwaitis can afford to have Internet access at home, the nation has fewer Internet cafés than other Gulf countries.

LTE is now accessible almost everywhere. If there is no LTE, the connection will be switched to HSPA+, which is a very fast connection. VIVA charges the same amount for LTE as it does for 3G. Their network, however, is rather sluggish. The LTE rates for Zain and Wataniya vary from the 3G prices, although their networks are fast.