Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Kazakhstan

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Baikonur is the renowned cosmodrome where Yuri Gagarin launched the first human orbital mission. Baikonur, the contemporary town, was constructed near the existing hamlet of Tyuratam.

Because Russia rents the cosmodrome land (6000 km2), no Kazakh visa is required if you fly in straight from Moscow.

  • Lakes of Köl-Say
  • Astana’s contemporary architecture stands in stark contrast to the majority of Kazakhstan.
  • In most of the land, there is nothing but desert and steppe.
  • The Altai Mountains in eastern Kazakhstan, as well as other mountain ranges near the country’s southern border.

Sauna. Visiting saunas with friends is extremely common in Kazakhstan because to the cold and windy weather. Saunas (Russian banyas or Finnish steam rooms) are a great location to talk about business or simply hang out with friends. It is common to have parties (birthdays, New Year’s Eve, etc.) at saunas. In reality, many contemporary sauna complexes in Almaty and Astana are completely equipped with karaoke, billiards, swimming pools, rest rooms, massage rooms, and other amenities. Some saunas serve as a front for sex services.