Saturday, September 18, 2021

Destinations in Kazakhstan

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Cities in Kazakhstan

  • Astana (formerly Aqmola) – Kazakhstan’s second biggest city and capital since 1997. Worth seeing, however you just need a couple days to see the highlights. This metropolis is brand new and being developed at a breakneck pace. If you want to see what Akmola (Astana’s former name) looks like, you should go immediately since the ancient city is quickly vanishing.
  • Atyrau is Kazakhstan’s oil capital, with major onshore Tengiz and offshore Kashagan oilfields nearby. Almaty was the country’s biggest city and capital prior to December 1998. It’s definitely a must-see. Aside from the Soviet-style city, you may wish to visit the Medeu and other locations in the surrounding mountains.
  • Aktobe Pavlodar – Kazakh city in the country’s far north, established in 1720, closed until 1992 due to its military importance in tank manufacturing, and home to one extremely magnificent mosque, as well as several notable Orthodox churches and monuments.
  • Shymkent — Kazakhstan’s third biggest city, extremely packed with Uzbek people, it is an ancient market town situated near Tashkent and some magnificent mountains; currently growing with oil development,
  • Turkestan — another ancient city, long a border town between Persian and Turkic nomadic cultures to the south and north, today majority Uzbek and home to many significant cultural-historical sites.
  • Ust-Kamenogorsk is a mining city in the Altai Mountains with a Russian-speaking population.