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Culture Of Kazakhstan

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The Kazakhs had a highly developed culture before to Russian invasion, based on their nomadic pastoral economy. With the advent of the Arabs in the 8th century, Islam was brought into the area. It began in the southern regions of Turkestan and moved northward. Through ardent missionary effort, the Samanids aided the religion’s spread. During the 14th century, the Golden Horde spread Islam among the region’s tribes.

Because livestock was important to the Kazakhs’ ancient way of life, most of their nomadic traditions and customs are related to livestock in some manner. Kazakhs have always had a strong interest in horseback riding.

Kazakhstan has produced numerous notable writers, scientists, and philosophers, including Abay Qunanbayuli, Mukhtar Auezov, Gabit Musirepov, Kanysh Satpayev, Mukhtar Shakhanov, Saken Seyfullin, and Jambyl Jabayev.

Kazakhstan’s tourist sector is quickly expanding, and it is integrating into the worldwide tourism network. Kazakhstan joined The Region Initiative (TRI), a tri-regional umbrella of tourism-related organizations, in 2010. The TRI connects three regions: South Asia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. Armenia, Bangladesh, India, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Nepal, Tajikistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Ukraine are now partners, and Kazakhstan is now connected in the tourist industry with other South Asian, Eastern European, and Central Asian nations.


Livestock meat may be prepared in a number of ways in the national cuisine and is often eaten with a broad range of traditional bread items. Black tea and traditional milk-derived beverages like as ayran, shubat, and kymyz are often served as refreshments. A typical Kazakh supper includes a variety of appetisers, soup, and one or two main dishes such as pilaf and beshbarmak. They also consume their national beverage, which is made from fermented mare’s milk.


Kazakhstan has emerged as a strong global sporting force in the following disciplines: bandy, boxing, chess, kickboxing, skiing, gymnastics, water polo, cycling, martial arts, heavy athletics, horseback riding, triathlon, track hurdles, sambo, Greco-Roman wrestling, and billiards. The following Kazakhstani athletes and world-championship medalists are well-known: Bekzat Sattarkhanov, Vassiliy Jirov, Alexander Vinokourov, Bulat Jumadilov, Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov, Olga Shishigina, Andrey Kashechkin, Aliya Yussupova, Dmitriy Karpov, Darmen Sadvakasov, Yeldos Ikhsangaliy

Adilbek Zhaksybekov, the departing president of Kazakhstan’s football organization, said in December 2014 that Kazakhstan will seek to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.


Kazakhstan’s film industry is managed by the state-owned Kazakhfilm studios, which are located in Almaty. Myn Bala, Harmony Lessons, and Shal are among the films made by the company. Kazakhstan annually hosts the International Astana Action Film Festival and the Eurasian Film Festival. Timur Bekmambetov, a Kazakhstan-born Hollywood filmmaker, has been active in bridging the gap between Hollywood and the Kazakhstan film industry.

At the 2013 Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards, Kazakhstan journalist Artur Platonov received Best Script for his documentary “Sold Souls” on Kazakhstan’s assistance to the fight against terrorism.

The German Federal Foreign Office awarded Serik Aprymov’s Little Brother (Bauyr) first prize at the Central and Eastern Europe Film Festival goEast.


According to Reporters Without Borders’ World Press Freedom Index, Kazakhstan is rated 161 out of 180 nations. Respublika was ordered to cease publishing for three months by a court order issued in mid-March 2002, with the government as the plaintiff. The order was circumvented by publishing under other names, such as Not That Respublika. A court also issued a cease-and-desist order to the small-circulation Assandi-Times newspaper in early 2014, claiming it was part of the Respublika group. According to Human Rights Watch, “this ridiculous case demonstrates the extent Kazakh authorities are prepared to take to intimidate critical journalists into silence.”

The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative established a media assistance center in Almaty with funding from the US Department of State’s Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) to promote free speech and journalistic rights in Kazakhstan.

UNESCO World Heritage sites

Kazakhstan has three UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassaui, the Petroglyphs within the Archaeological Landscape of Tamgaly, and the Korgalzhyn and Nauryzumsky reserves.

How To Travel To Kazakhstan

By plane Air Astana is the most significant airline, with flights from Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Delhi, Beijing, Istanbul, Bangkok, Hannover, London, Amsterdam, Baku, Kuala Lumpur, Frankfurt, and Seoul to Almaty and Astana. By restricting which airlines may fly to Kazakhstan, Air Astana maintains a monopoly on certain international routes. Lufthansa also offers...

How To Travel Around Kazakhstan

Depending on your budget and needs, you may travel inside the nation via cab, bus, rail, or aircraft. Renting a vehicle is more expensive than other modes of transportation. A minivan costs KZT35 in Semipalatinsk (Semey), while a big bus costs KZT35-40 (in Astana, it varies about KZT60-65), and a...

Visa & Passport Requirements for Kazakhstan

Visas are not required for citizens of Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Serbia, South Korea, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. For stays of up to 15 days until December 31, 2017, citizens of Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Malaysia,...

Destinations in Kazakhstan

Cities in Kazakhstan Astana (formerly Aqmola) – Kazakhstan's second biggest city and capital since 1997. Worth seeing, however you just need a couple days to see the highlights. This metropolis is brand new and being developed at a breakneck pace. If you want to see what Akmola (Astana's former name)...

Accommodation & Hotels in Kazakhstan

There are many hotels, ranging from the extremely inexpensive (€10 per night) to the luxury. You won't discover the cheapest ones on the internet; the only way to book them is to phone personally, but you'll need to know Russian at the very least. Except for Burabay/Borovoe in Kazakhstan, there...

Things To See in Kazakhstan

Baikonur is the renowned cosmodrome where Yuri Gagarin launched the first human orbital mission. Baikonur, the contemporary town, was constructed near the existing hamlet of Tyuratam. Because Russia rents the cosmodrome land (6000 km2), no Kazakh visa is required if you fly in straight from Moscow. Lakes of Köl-SayAstana's contemporary architecture...

Food & Drinks in Kazakhstan

Food in Kazakhstan Meat, potatoes, rice, and pasta are all options. And plenty of it. If you're a vegetarian, be cautious since if it doesn't include meat, it was almost likely cooked in beef stock. Here are a few suggestions: Beshbarmak - "five fingers," a meal of horse meat and pasta with...

Money & Shopping in Kazakhstan

Costs Kazakhstan is somewhat more costly than Uzbekistan, although it is still less expensive than Turkmenistan. A street snack will cost you between USD0.30 and $0.70. In major cities, a night in a dorm costs between USD15 and USD20. A more pleasant double room costs between USD60 and USD80. Currency Tenge (KZT,...

Language & Phrasebook in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's official languages are Kazakh and Russian. Both languages are taught in all schools, and the majority of people are fluent in both. As a result, if you are acquainted with any of them, you should be OK. However, in certain areas, they favor Kazakh, while in others, they...

History Of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has been populated since the Neolithic Age, and the region's climate and topography are ideal for pastoral nomads. Archaeologists think that people originally domesticated horses on the wide steppes of the area. The Scythians were the first people to settle in Central Asia. Kazakh Khanate Around the early 11th century,...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a nation with a long history of balanced, peaceful, multi-ethnic social interaction, in which both visitors and residents are treated with respect in daily life, with a few exceptions. In this beautiful nation, visitors will be greeted with friendliness and warmth. However, depending on your location, time...



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