Saturday, September 18, 2021

Stay Safe & Healthy in Jordan

AsiaJordanStay Safe & Healthy in Jordan

Stay safe in Jordan

Jordan is very safe. There is virtually no unsafe part of Jordan except on the Iraqi border. Although the rural parts of Jordan have limited infrastructure, the fellahin (or villagers) are happy to help you.

Jordan is one of the most liberal nations in the region. Women can wear normal clothes in any part of Jordan without harassment. Western fashion is popular among young Jordanian women. However, modest clothing should be worn in religious and ancient historical sites.

Bear in mind that Jordan is a Muslim country and Western norms, such as the public display of affection, are not accepted even by Jordan’s Western-educated elite. In Jordan, homosexuality is not taken as lightly as in the West, although it is not illegal as it is in most other Arab countries. However, adultery, including consensual sex between unmarried couples, is illegal and can be punished with a maximum of three years in prison.

Stay healthy in Jordan

As with all urban areas in the world, there are some health issues in Jordanian cities, but also remember that Jordan is a centre for medical treatment in the Middle East and its world-class hospitals are respected in all parts of the world. Remember to exercise caution when buying food from vendors; the vendors don’t want to harm you, but the food may be unclean. Hospitals in Jordan, especially in Amman, are plentiful and Jordan is a hub for medical tourism.

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