Saturday, September 18, 2021

Destinations in Jordan

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Cities in Jordan

  • Amman – Capital of the Kingdom
  • Ajlun – a mountain town in northern Jordan, known for the impressive ruins of the 12th-century castle now known as Ajlun Castle.
  • Aqaba – located on the Gulf of Aqaba / Eilat, with connections to the Sinai and the Red Sea.
  • Irbid – the second-largest conurbation in the north of the Kingdom
  • Jerash – one of the largest Roman ruins in the Middle East
  • Kerak – site of a once-mighty Crusader castle
  • Madaba – famous for its mosaic map of Jerusalem
  • Salt – ancient city that was once the capital of Jordan
  • Zarqa – the third-largest conurbation in the Kingdom

Other destinations in Jordan

  • Azraq – Oasis in the desert, an example of how water brings life even in places like a desert
  • Dana Nature Reserve – Stay in a village that has hardly changed since the 15th century and enjoy unforgettable walks in a foothill of the Great Rift.
  • Dead Sea – The lowest point on earth and the saltiest sea
  • Desert Castles – 5 castles in the eastern desert. These castles were once refuges for caliphs from the Umayyad period
  • Petra – Jordan’s top attraction, an ancient city carved out of sandstone and one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.
  • Um er-Rasas – A largely unexcavated archaeological site with ruins from the Roman, Byzantine, and early Muslim civilizations.
  • Wadi Rum – barren, lonely, and beautiful, granite rocks contrasting with desert sand