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How To Travel Around Iraq

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Although frequent buses connect Zakho and Dohuk and cost about USD2, public transportation is scarce in Kurdistan. Throughout the day, shared taxis depart from Dohuk towards Erbil and other destinations. The route between Dohuk and Arbil passes close to Mosul but does not exit Kurdish territory, making it secure, albeit a little too close for comfort.

Shared taxis may be the safest mode of transportation in Iraqi Kurdistan, since the drivers have no desire to leave the region.

By car

Driving at night may be a safer option than driving during the day, but there are a few guidelines to follow:

City centers should be avoided. Even while the majority of Iraqis are fast asleep by midnight, those who remain up are almost definitely up to naught good.

Keep an eye out for military personnel. You may be perceived for a hostile/troublemaker if you’re out late at night and successfully attempting to fit in with the locals. You will be regarded as a suspect at checkpoints, and you must behave cautiously until they determine you are not a target.

If you come across military personnel, make sure your lights are turned on, your hazards/flashers are turned on, you slow down or pull over to the side of the road, and you obey any and all orders given to you. If a stop sign, green laser, or other signal is aimed at you or in your general vicinity, it is best to err on the side of caution rather than risk being fired at.

If you’re traveling to Iraq and meet acquaintances along the way, be VERY CAREFUL about accepting a ride. Make sure they don’t leave Iraqi Kurdistan province if they accept the offer.

How To Travel To Iraq

By plane Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) (IATA: BGW) is approximately 16 kilometers from the city center. After minor damage during the conflicts, the airport is now fully operational and expanding due to Iraq's recovery. Iraqi Airways, the national airline, has a fleet of 15 aircraft. Their primary business is domestic flights,...

Visa & Passport Requirements for Iraq

Visa restrictionsWhen landing at Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, or Najaf airports, Israeli residents and those with Israeli stamps and/or visas will be denied entry. A visa is required for all travelers to Iraq. Contract and military employees working for the United States Department of Defense are currently excluded from the visa...

Destinations in Iraq

Regions in Iraq Al JaziraThe area between and around the upper Tigris and Euphrates rivers, north and northwest of Baghdad. Baghdad BeltsThe belts of suburbs, villages, and cities that radiate out from Baghdad's center. Iraqi DesertThe vast, desolate wastelands of the country's west and southwest. Iraqi KurdistanThis is the safest area of Iraq...

Things To See in Iraq

Iraq's tourism sector has suffered as a result of the country's terrible governance and destructive conflicts over the last 40 years. Religious pilgrims, mainly from the Middle East, Iran, and Central Asia, have returned in huge numbers to the holy sites of southern Iraq after the collapse of Saddam...

Food & Drinks in Iraq

Food in Iraq Masgouf is considered Iraq's national dish. It's an open-cut freshwater fish that's been marinated in olive oil, salt, curcuma, and tamarind for hours before being roasted with the skin on. Lime, chopped onions and tomatoes, and flatbread are traditional masgouf garnishes. Baytinijan Tepsi In Iraq, this meal is...

Money & Shopping in Iraq

The Iraqi dinar (IQD) is the official currency, although you may also use euros (€) and US dollars (USD) nearly everywhere. Keep in mind that most individuals dislike making change for big bills. Any flaws in the banknotes (creases, bank ink stamps, rips, and so on) may arouse suspicions...

Language & Phrasebook in Iraq

Although Arabic is the official language of Iraq, English is so widely spoken that most visitors will be able to get by in the many stores, marketplaces, and cafés. The disadvantage is that speaking English instantly marks you as a foreigner. Because of the extensive underground network of Iraqis...

Culture Of Iraq

Music Iraq is well renowned for its rich maqam history, which has been handed down orally down the generations by maqam masters in an unbroken line of transmission. The maqam al-Iraqi is regarded as the highest and most flawless type of maqam. The collection of sung poetry al-maqam al-Iraqi is...

History Of Iraq

Pre-historic era Northern Iraq was home to a Neanderthal civilization between 65,000 and 35,000 BC, with archaeological remains found at Shanidar Cave. A handful of pre-Neolithic graves, dating from about 11,000 BC, may also be found in this area. Iraq (together with Asia Minor and the Levant) has been a center...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Iraq

Stay Safe in Iraq The political situation is very unpredictable after the conflict was proclaimed formally ended in December 2011. A series of fatal explosions and shootings occurred in May 2013. Conflicts erupted in Anbar in December 2013. In January 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)...



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