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Destinations in Iran

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Cities in Iran

  • Tehran – Tehran is Iran’s bustling capital, a lovely city plagued by terrible traffic and pollution.
  • Hamedan – Hamedan is one of Iran’s ancient cities.
  • Isfahan – Isfahan is a former capital with beautiful architecture, a huge market, and tree-lined boulevards. The country’s most popular tourism attraction. “Isfahan is half the globe,” says a Persian proverb.
  • Mashad – Mashad is the largest city in Eastern Iran, featuring a significant mosque and the Imam Reza shrine.
  • Qazvin – Qazvin was the historic capital of the Persian Empire under the Safavids and has served as an important site throughout history.
  • Qom – Qom is called the Jewel of Iran and is one of the holiest cities in the Middle East.
  • Shiraz – a former capital and the birthplace of renowned Persian poets such as Hafiz and Sa’di, as well as gardens, particularly rose gardens. Persepolis’ renowned remains are just a short distance away.
  • Tabriz – a former city with a large ancient market and the provincial seat of Western Iran; some believe it is the location of the Biblical “Garden of Eden.”
  • Yazd – Yazd, a distant desert city, has unique architectural motifs, such as water streams running through subterranean chambers in homes and wind-towers to keep them cool.

Other destinations in Iran

  • Persepolis – Near the present city of Shiraz, impressive ruins of a huge city-like structure constructed about 2,500 years ago. Alexander of Macedon set fire to it, and Arabs further destroyed it. Persepolis, also known as TakhteJamshid in Persian, is the national emblem of Iran.
  • Kish Island – With many malls, retail centers, tourist attractions, and resort hotels, Kish Island, a free trade zone in the Persian Gulf, is considered as a consumer’s ‘paradise.’
  • Qeshm Island is the biggest island in Iran in the Persian Gulf. The Hara maritime forests, for example, are a popular ecotourist destination on Qeshm Island. According to environmentalists, Hara woods, Iran’s first national geo park, attracts approximately 1.5 percent of the world’s birds and 25% of the country’s native birds each year.
  • Susa, or Shush, was Iran’s most ancient city, situated 200 kilometers north of Ahvaz. Among the historical landmarks are the Ziggurat of Chughazanbil, Darius the Great’s palace, the Jewish prophet Daniel’s temple, and Artaxerxer II’s palace.
  • Dizin, one of the world’s highest ski resorts, lies only two hours north of Tehran. This is a wonderful location for a ski vacation since it has superb powder snow, low rates, and few foreign tourists.
  • The Tomb of Cyrus is located at Pasargad, the Achaemenid Empire’s initial capital.
  • Alamut, near Qazvin, is the famous Assassins’ fortress.