Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Do in East Timor

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Scuba diving

East Timor boasts some of the finest scuba diving in the world, which is a significant attraction for visitors, with East Timor beach diving being well-known in the diving community globally. Pristine beaches and coral reefs contrast sharply with one of the world’s poorest populations.

Dili has several excellent close-up dives. Pertamina Pier is just 5 minutes from the town center. One of the finest dives in East Timor for invertebrates, octopus, and schooling Barracudas.

Dili Rock is located 10 minutes west of Dili (east & west). This is one of Timor’s most popular diving destinations since it serves as the primary training location. Dili East, known for its easy access and excellent conditions, also provides excellent chances to view Leaf Scorpion fish, Angler fish, and Ghost pipe fish.

As you go farther west towards Liquica, you will come across diving spots such as Bubble beach (famous for its magnificent bubble fields and stunning deep dive), the gravel pit, and Devil ray point.

Divers east of Dili may enjoy some of the finest beach diving in the world. Divers may safely enter spectacular wall dives thanks to easy access along the shore. Some of the great dives that can be done within an hour of Dili are Secret Garden, K41, Bob’s Rock, and Lone Tree. The diving begins around 40 minutes east of Dili and goes for 200 kilometers to Com.

The diversity of dives along this stretch of road is limitless, although K41 and Shark Point are among the local divers’ favorites.

Without a doubt, Atauro Island is the most pristine diving location in East Timor. There is a wide range of dives available around the island for divers of all skill levels. The visibility is usually great, and the variety of fish life and coral is absolutely astounding.

Dili is home to two major diving companies: Freeflow Diving [www] and Dive Timor-Lorosae [www].