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Stay Safe & Healthy in Brunei

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Stay Safe in Brunei

When it comes to narcotics, Brunei, like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, has extremely stringent regulations. To a certain extent, drug trafficking carries a required death penalty. Murder, abduction, and unlicensed weapon possession are among the other offenses that carry the death penalty. For rapes, as well as less severe offenses such as unlawful entrance, overstaying your visa for more than 90 days, robbery, corruption, and vandalism, Brunei employs caning (for men only). Caning is not the same as a slap on the wrist. The heavy rattan cane’s strokes are very unpleasant. They may take weeks to heal and leave a permanent scar. These laws also apply to foreigners.

If you are found eating or drinking in public during the Islamic month of Ramadhan, you will face a hefty punishment in the hundreds of dollars. In addition, throughout the day, all restaurants, including non-halal ones, stop serving dine-in customers. Visiting Brunei during Ramadhan is best avoided.

The basic line is that you should be aware of their rules and follow them.

Brunei is a highly safe nation, comparable to Japan in terms of personal safety, but you should always exercise caution.

If you’re driving in Brunei, keep an eye out for impatient and/or hazardous drivers; be especially cautious at night and early in the morning, since some drivers race on the roads illegally.

Stay Healthy in Brunei

Because to excellent food safety regulations, eating out is usually safe. However, only boiling or bottled water should be consumed. Mosquito bites may transmit dengue fever or malaria in this area of the globe, so take precautions.

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