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Money & Shopping in Brunei

AsiaBruneiMoney & Shopping in Brunei

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The local currency is the Brunei Dollar ($). You may hear Ringgit used to refer to the dollar, but be sure the participants are not referring to the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), which is worth less than half a Brunei dollar.

The Brunei dollar is pegged to the Singapore dollar at a 1:1 ratio. Both currencies are legal tender and may be used interchangeably, thus there is no need to exchange money if you are visiting from Singapore. (Similarly, excess Brunei dollars may be exchanged for Singapore dollars at par.) Many shops, however, refuse Singapore notes with apparently tiny rips, and warnings to that effect are placed on the cash register. In case of emergency, the Malaysian ringgit (RM) will be accepted, although the exchange rate may not be in your favor. The Brunei ringgit is not accessible in the country’s banks, although it may be acquired through money changers.

Brunei’s ringgit is split into 100 cents. There are notes ranging from $1 to $10,000 (by hand if purchasing a Rolls-Royce) and coins ranging from 1 to 50 cents. The 2004 series of bigger notes, as well as the smaller notes, are printed on vividly colored polymer notes.


Brunei is about on level with Singapore in terms of expense, which implies it is roughly twice the cost of neighboring Malaysia. You may save money by dining at local eateries rather than the more costly restaurants in hotels. Once extremely restricted, cheap lodging has increased in recent years, and you can now obtain a good bed for about $ 30 per night.

How To Travel To Brunei

By plane Brunei's sole airport is Brunei International Airport (BWN), which serves as the hub for Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA). The airport is tiny, but it is well-kept and functioning. The RBA decreased its services significantly after an overzealous growth and heavy losses in the 1990s, although it still had a good...

How To Travel Around Brunei

By car A "highway" runs down the shore from Bandar Seri Begawan (the capital). It becomes a double and therefore only driveway, although it is adequate for all cars up to Kuala Belait and the Malaysian toll bridge in Sarawak to the west). There is also a minor route that leads...

Visa & Passport Requirements for Brunei

Visa restrictionsCitizens of Israel will be denied entry. Those holding other passports having Israel stamps and/or visas will be permitted entry. Foreign residents of the following countries/territories are not required to get a visa to visit Brunei if they have a valid passport valid for at least 6 months: Up to...

Things To Do in Brunei

Many eco-tours go by boat to the Temburong region and then to a local "community home." Then a motor boat (driven by locals) takes you upstream to the Belalong National Park, a refuge in the Borneo rainforest. At the park headquarters, there is a canopy walk as well as...

Food & Drinks in Brunei

Food in Brunei Bruneians like eating, and due to the high number of foreign employees in the nation, there are many great restaurants in Brunei that offer a broad range of cuisines. There is also a native cake, which consists of rice, beef curry, or chicken and may be very hot....

Culture Of Brunei

Brunei's culture is primarily Malay (representing its heritage) with significant Islamic influences, although it is considerably more conservative than Indonesia and Malaysia. Bruneian culture is influenced by Malay civilizations found across the Malay archipelago. There have been four eras of cultural, animistic, Hindu, Islamic, and Western influence. Islam had...

History of Brunei

Early history The letter of the Po-ni king to the Chinese emperor in 977 AD, which some historians think relates to Borneo, is one of the earliest Chinese documents. Chau Ju-Kua (Zhao Rugua), a Chinese official, claimed in 1225 that Po-ni possessed 100 vessels to defend his commerce and that...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Brunei

Stay Safe in Brunei When it comes to narcotics, Brunei, like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, has extremely stringent regulations. To a certain extent, drug trafficking carries a required death penalty. Murder, abduction, and unlicensed weapon possession are among the other offenses that carry the death penalty. For rapes, as well...



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