Saturday, September 18, 2021

Money & Shopping in Bhutan

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  • Woven cloth. Bhutanese handwoven fabric is prized throughout the globe, and it may be found stitched on clothes, rugs, and carpets.
  • Yathra. A brightly colored woven cloth composed of wool and dyed with natural hues. Jackets, purses, rugs, and tapestries are made from it, and it is sold in parts or stitched together. Yathra may be found in Thimphu and other chilly regions, although it is a Jakararea speciality.
  • Dappa. Wooden bowls created by hand. The bowl’s halves connect so that they may be used to transport prepared food, which is how they are used in Bhutan. They do, however, make great salad or cookie dishes. Dappa is a speciality of the Trashi Yangtse area, although it’s available all across the nation.
  • Bangchung. Small bamboo baskets with two parts that fit together tightly. They’re a southern Bhutan speciality, although they’re accessible all across the nation.