Saturday, September 18, 2021

Traditions & Customs in Bangladesh

AsiaBangladeshTraditions & Customs in Bangladesh

Although the majority of Bangladeshis are religious, secular ideas are not uncommon. People in general are very welcoming, and a few measures will ensure that this remains the case:

  • The left hand, like in other adjacent nations, is considered unclean and is used to go to the toilet, remove shoes, and so on. As a result, always use your right hand to give or accept things, as well as to carry food to your lips.
  • Men, particularly strangers and foreigners, should never attempt to shake hands or touch local women; instead, place your hand over your heart and bend slightly to say hello.
  • Women traveling alone may have a tougher time finding a rickshaw vehicle driver to transport them to their destination.
  • Mosques are occasionally inaccessible to non-Muslims, and some sections of them are off-limits to women. Before entering the mosque or taking photographs, inquire with someone inside. Before entering, cover your head, arms, and legs, and remove your shoes.
  • Standing up and leaning slightly forward to welcome elderly folks earns you respect and social acceptance. Do not address your elders or people in high social positions for you (e.g., physicians, teachers / professors, religious leaders, etc.) by their first names; this is regarded impolite and disrespectful. Children do not address their parents by name or surname, and women do not address their husbands by their first names in certain parts of the nation.
  • Keep in mind that international tourists to Bangladesh are few, and most people will be genuinely interested about you, watching your every move and emotion. Don’t underestimate how impressionable it may be; leave only the positive impressions!