Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Know Before Traveling To Bangladesh

AsiaBangladeshThings To Know Before Traveling To Bangladesh


The voltage is 220V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The ancient British standard BS-546, the current British BS-1363 standard, and the European standard CEE-7/16 “Europlug” are the three kinds of electrical outlets that are likely to be found in Bangladesh. It’s a good idea to bring adapters for all three.


The majority of women dress in a sari or a salwar kameez [a three-piece costume consisting of a knee-length tunic (“kameez”), trousers (“salwar”), and a matching scarf (“urna”)]. Out of respect for the culture, foreign ladies should consider wearing at least the salwar kameez. However, increasing westernization has altered how contemporary city residents, particularly the upper class, dress. Younger people wear jeans, tees, and t-shirts, but bear in mind that it is polite to cover your shoulders, chest, and legs. Shorts are worn exclusively by young boys in public, while undershirts are worn alone (without a shirt covering them) only by the lowest class.


Men may easily leave their razors at home and depend on the always-present hairdressers, who charge about Tk 10-20 for a simple shave. Make sure they’re using a fresh blade, but you shouldn’t have to ask. Barbers often believe that foreign visitors desire “deluxe” shaves, so bear in mind that all you need is a fast shave and that you do not want the questionable massage and shaving of your forehead and nose.


Around 7% is anticipated in premium restaurants, but it’s the exception rather than the norm in casual eateries and with street food sellers. Consider leaving a small gratuity for the driver and delivery guys.