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Destinations in Bangladesh

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Regions in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a tiny nation divided into eight administrative zones:

Division of Dhaka
The capital city, jute, and rice paddies are all found here.

Division of Chittagong
Great hills, woods, and beaches make up the beautiful hinterland.

Division of Rajshahi
Silk, mangoes, and hundreds of ancient sites are among the island’s many attractions.

Division of Khulna
The Sundarbans are located in this tranquil, slow-paced region.

Division of Sylhet
Tea plantations abound, as are magnificent natural scenery.

Division of Barisal
Rivers, rice farms, and green abound in this area.

Division of Rangpur
Temples, culture, and a way of life in the country.

Division of Mymensingh
The largest university in South Asia, as well as culture, ethnic minority groups, and a rural lifestyle, are all worth seeing.

Cities in Bangladesh

Most of these cities are also the capital of the division of the same name:

  • Dhaka – The frantic capital city, a tumultuous and wealthy metropolis with a population of approximately 12 million people that continues to expand every day.
  • Chittagong – A thriving business hub and the country’s biggest international port
  • Mymensingh – It is a historic city situated along the Brahmaputra River with a rich cultural and political history dating back over 200 years.
  • Khulna – Located on the Rupsha River, this town is known for its shrimp and serves as a jumping off place for excursions to the Sundarbans.
  • Rajshahi – The silk city
  • Rangpur – Agriculture and commerce are important in this important metropolis in the northwestern United States.
  • Barisal – A slow-paced and pleasant boat trip on the Rocket Steamer is the ideal way to get to this southern city known for paddy farming and numerous waterways.
  • Sylhet – The biggest city in the northeast, renowned for the Sufi saint Hazrat Shahjalal’s shrine, one of the country’s most holy sites.
  • Jessore – A tiny, unremarkable city known for Gur, a molasses-like confection made from date tree extract, and a probable transit stop to or from Calcutta.

Other destinations in Bangladesh

  • Cox’s Bazar – The main beach resort in the country, full of bustling tourists from Bangladesh. It is the longest sea beach in the world with 112 km of sandy coastline.
  • Bagerhat – An important historical center and site of several mosques, including the famous Shait Gumbad Masjid.
  • Char Atra – A low lying island in the Ganges.
  • Paharpur – Ruins of an ancient Buddhist vihara.
  • Saint Martins Island – The only coral island in the country with friendly people, a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of coconuts.
  • Sundarbans – The largest mangrove in the world, with lots of birds and some real elusive Bengal tigers.

How To Travel To Bangladesh

By plane The country's primary entry point is Dhaka's Shahjalal Foreign Airport (IATA: DAC)in Bengali, but international flights from provincial hubs Chittagong and Sylhet are restricted. Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the national carrier, but it has a poor reputation for timeliness, hygiene, security, and route maintenance. Many routes have been discontinued as...

How To Travel Around Bangladesh

By plane Bangladeshi air travel is both inexpensive and easy. Domestic airlines come and go, so it's worth checking to see who's the most recent and dependable. After the launch of a new business, the quality of service and the condition of aircraft tend to decline, leaving the market open...

Visa & Passport Requirements for Bangladesh

Visa restrictionsIsraeli nationals will be denied entry, while holders of foreign passports with Israeli stamps and visas would not face any restrictions. Foreigners visiting the three districts of Chittagong Hill Tracts: Rangamati, Khagrachhari, and Bandarban have been subjected to the "no free passes" rule from January 7, 2015. As...

Things To See in Bangladesh

Bangladesh as a vacation destination has numerous aspects. Archaeological sites, mosques, and historical monuments, as well as resorts, beaches, picnic places, woods, and animals, are among the tourist attractions. Angling, water skiing, river cruising, hiking, rowing, surfing, sailing, and sea bathing are all available in Bangladesh, as well as...

Things To Do in Bangladesh

The city is buzzing with activity. Dramas, concerts, and plays, both western and local, abound in this vast metropolis, as they do in every major city. Yes, it is feasible to wind up at a live thrash music rave event in Dhaka! Bangladesh is a country rich in tourist attractions,...

Food & Drinks in Bangladesh

Food in Bangladesh Bangladesh is a fisherman's paradise. Historically, the majority of the country has plentiful freshwater river fish, particularly the Hilsa, which has been designated as the "national fish." Hilsa has a wonderful flavor, but some people find the numerous fine bones difficult to handle; if you can eat...

Money & Shopping in Bangladesh

Bangladesh's currency is the Bangladeshi Taka (BDT / Tk). As of August 2014, 1 EUR is worth about 102 Tk, 1 GBP is worth around 128 Tk, and 1 USD is worth around 77 Tk. On the official website of the Bank of Bangladesh, the country's central bank ,...

Festivals & Holidays in Bangladesh

Pohela Boishakh - The country's most commonly observed secular national holiday. People from all walks of life attend the Boishakhi Mela, when they dress up in national attire (kurta or Shari), eat sweets, and wish each other a good new year.Ekushey - National Mother Language Day- 21st of February This...

Internet & Communications in Bangladesh

Internet Most of the bigger cities have internet access, which costs about 25-30 TK per hour. The majority are connected to the internet through broadband, although the speed does not match international standards. Some Internet service providers currently provide the WiMAX service. WiFi access is also available in certain areas...

Traditions & Customs in Bangladesh

Although the majority of Bangladeshis are religious, secular ideas are not uncommon. People in general are very welcoming, and a few measures will ensure that this remains the case: The left hand, like in other adjacent nations, is considered unclean and is used to go to the toilet, remove shoes,...

Language & Phrasebook in Bangladesh

Bengali (Bengali) is the national language, and it is widely spoken. It is an Indo-Aryan language with its own alphabet, developed from Prakit, Pali, and Sanskrit. Many Bangladeshis only have rudimentary English skills, such as fundamental positive, negative, and numerical expressions. This is particularly evident in rural regions and...

Culture Of Bangladesh

Literature The inscription "Mahasthan Brahmi," which goes back to the 3rd century BC. Christ, is Bangladesh's earliest evidence of writing. Sanskrit literature thrived in the area under the Gupta Empire. In the 11th century, Sanskrit and Praguri combined to become Bengali. Bengali literature dates back millennia. The Charapapods are among...

History of Bangladesh

Ancient and classical Bengal Humans have been present in the Greater Bengal area for more than 20,000 years, according to Stone Age artifacts discovered there. Copper Age villages have been discovered dating back 4,000 years. In waves of migration, Austroasiatics, Tibeto-Burmans, Dravidians, and Indo-Aryans inhabited ancient Bengal. When the Northern Black...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Bangladesh

Stay Safe in Bangladesh Following a series of assaults particularly targeting foreigners committed by Islamist extremists that started in September 2015 and culminated in a café attack in Dhaka that killed 20 foreigners on July 5, 2016, the United States and Japan issued travel warnings to Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a nation...



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