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Things To Do In Kabul

AfghanistanKabulThings To Do In Kabul

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Kabul Wall

A relaxing trek with spectacular views of the city. The Kabul City Wall, which runs west-east from Babar Gardens to Bala Hissar, is still in good shape (about 3 km in distance).

Kabul Golf Club

Qargha Rd,  +93 79 22 63 27. 

It was closed by the Soviet Union in 1978 and reopened in 2004 after a 25-year break. “Extreme golf with an attitude” is how this 9-hole course describes itself. Greens fees are AFN750/USD15 for 9 or 18 holes, or AFN15,000/USD300 per year.

Ariana Cinema

Pashtunistan Square. 

Shows mostly Bollywood or cheap action movies, with the occasional American blockbuster.

Amani High School sports field

Football (soccer) with local Afghan males, frisbee (with a group of foreigners), and a 400 meter jogging track in fairly green and attractive surroundings are open to the public on Tuesday afternoons and Fridays. Free.

Ghazi Stadium (National Stadium)

The Afghan football team’s home. The mine museum is just past the stadium, as is a route up the hill where hundreds of Afghan men and boys are flying kites on vacation.

Kabul National Cricket Stadium

The Afghan cricket team’s home. Newly constructed.


In the city, there are a few swimming pools. The best is probably at the Serena, although it’ll set you back USD30 to use it. The swimming pool in the UNICA club (USD5) is highly popular, especially on Fridays, when there is probably as much catwalking as swimming going on. Internationals (also known as Maple Leaf) features a huge and frequently empty pool (USD7) that is housed in a plastic shed rather than being outside. The pool at Le Divan is very busy on Fridays. Women should not wear anything revealing unless they are in a private or foreigner-only setting (especially bikinis).

How To Travel To Kabul

BY PLAIN Kabul International Airport is located east of the city. The new international terminal is now fully operational, with domestic flights departing from the old terminal. Ariana Afghan Airways, Kam Air, Safi Airways, and Pamir Airways all use the airport as a hub. Banks, restaurants, a post office, and...

How To Get Around In Kabul

BY BUS The Millie Bus runs a number of routes across Kabul, however cabs are faster and more comfortable. Some of the buses are newer, but many are older, as one would anticipate in a third-world country. BY TAXI Taxis are numerous, and renting a car for the day should cost roughly...

Prices In Kabul

MARKET / SUPERMARKET Milk1 liter$ 1.22Tomatoes1 kg$ 0.70Cheese0.5 kg$ 6.00Apples1 kg$ 2.00Oranges1 kg$ 1.90Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ Bottle of Wine1 bottle$ Coca-Cola2 liters$ 1.10Bread1 piece$ 0.75Water1.5 l$ 0.65 RESTAURANTS Dinner (Low-range)for 2$ Dinner (Mid-range)for 2$ 18.50Dinner (High-range)for 2$ Mac Meal or similar1 meal$ 4.80Water0.33 l$ 0.30Cappuccino1 cup$ 2.10Beer (Imported)0.33 l$ Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ Coca-Cola0.33 l$ 0.40Coctail drink1 drink$ ENTERTAINMENT Cinema2 tickets$ 3.00Gym1 month$ Men’s...

Sights & Landmarks In Kabul

Bagh-e Babur (Gardens of Babur) The mausoleum of Babur, the first Mughal Emperor, is surrounded by gardens. Despite his wishes to be buried here, he was initially buried in Agra and then relocated to this location. Afghans have traditionally come to the gardens for picnics and peaceful days. Among the amenities...

Food & Restaurants In Kabul

Thousands of tourists have flocked to Kabul after the Taliban's collapse, transforming the city into a culinary Mecca. Restaurants can be divided into "locals' restaurants" and "expats' places," with the latter having better security and higher pricing, but not necessarily higher quality. Restaurants that have been certified by the...

Shopping In Kabul

Near the park, in the Kabul City Center, there are several pretty nice shops.Majid Mall.  It Is located in the Supreme Tower. It is Afghanistan's largest retail mall.Roshan Plaza contains a few decent clothing stores.Chicken Street is known for its tourist attractions (carpets, carvings, knives, and so on) as well as...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Kabul

Kabul is often regarded as one of the safest cities in Afghanistan, and while bombs and kidnappings have decreased in recent years, they still pose a concern. Given the large number of expats and tourists to the city, and the fact that just a few have been victims of...



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