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Food & Restaurants In Kabul

AfghanistanKabulFood & Restaurants In Kabul

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Thousands of tourists have flocked to Kabul after the Taliban’s collapse, transforming the city into a culinary Mecca. Restaurants can be divided into “locals’ restaurants” and “expats’ places,” with the latter having better security and higher pricing, but not necessarily higher quality. Restaurants that have been certified by the UN are extremely costly. The (dry) Lebanese, Turkish, and Iranian restaurants are the places to go if you’re seeking for a decent mix of Afghans and expat eaters.

Restaurants open and close with surprising regularity, so it’s a good idea to call ahead to see whether one you’re interested in visiting is still open.

Budget Restaurants In Kabul

Afghan Fried Chicken

Clean fast food establishment in the Western style.


Share-e Naw is located in the basement of Kabul City Center. For less than USD3, you can have a burger and a banana drink.

Everest Pizza 

13 St Wazir Akbar Khan,  +93 799-317979, +93 70-263636. 9AM-9PM. 

Fast food with an English menu is available. Orders can be placed over the phone or delivered to your house.

Kabul Fried Chicken

Clean fast food establishment in the Western style.

Peshawar Kebab Shop

(Shash Darak). 11:00-18:00. 

A fantastic neighborhood spot for a delicious meal. They only serve one type of food: flat chapli kebabs in the Pakistani manner, but they do it well and at about AFN100.

Shar-e-now Burgers 

(Shar-e-now, opposite the Shar-e-now park),  +93 799-300797, +93 70-255788. 10:00-22:00. 

Fast food with an English menu is available. Orders can be placed over the phone.

Street stalls

Street booths abound, and some of the best may be found in the old town near Shahr-e Naw Park and the Pul-e Khisti bridge. However, especially in the summer, the hygiene is dubious.

Mid-range Restaurants In Kabul

Because of the large number of foreigners in Kabul, the city is undoubtedly the greatest location to dine in the region, and there are hundreds of decent restaurants to eat for USD15-25 per person for an evening meal in the mid-range.

Afghan International Pizza Express

Darulaman Rd (near Ministry of Commerce and Ariana TV),  +93 700 383 918. 

Pizza is excellent. During the May 2006 riots, it was destroyed, however it has since been restored and has a new chef.

Anaar Restaurant & Bar

Crossing of St 14, Lane 3, Wazir Akbar Khan(Between Wazir Akbar Khan circle and Heetal Plaza Hotel, towards end of St 14),  +93 700 284 315, e-mail: [email protected] 10:00-22:00. 

Security clearance from the United Nations. Excellent Indian and Asian fare. The menu is in English, and the staff is also fluent in English. Orders can be placed over the phone, and both takeout and delivery are available.

Le Divan Restaurant (frm L’Atmosphere)

Str.4, Qala-e- fatullah,  +93 799-300264, +93 700 224982. 10:00-22:00. 

French food with a menu in both French and English. Orders can be placed over the phone. Swimming pool and dinner in the garden Sundays are closed.

B’s Place Restaurant 

(Guest House), Str.2, Qala-e- fatullah House No.3, +93 70-276416, +93 70-276711. 11:00–23:00. 

English menu with Italian and Mexican food. Orders can be placed over the phone.

Bella Italia 

(Guest House), Street 14, near the Pakistani Consulate,  +93 799 600 666. open until 22:00. 

Italian cuisine. Pizzas and pastas are excellent. Mains are too expensive. Appetizers that are tasty. The menu is in English.

Carlito’s Restaurant & Bar

Str 15 Wazir Ak Khan, +93 799 159697, +93 799 167824. 10:00-22:00. 

English menu with Mexican food. There will be no phone orders or home deliveries.

Cafe du Pelican

Daraluman Rd (on the west side of the road, look for an orange guard box and Landcruisers parked outside). closes at 17:00. 

Good French café meals with a bakery, run by a French couple.

Chief Burger

Shahre Naw (In front of Park Cinema). 20:00-midnight. 

This eatery serves quick meals such as burgers and pizzas.

Delhi Darbar

Cinema Zainab Rd, Share-e Naw (between the park and Flower St),  +93 799 324 899. 

Great Indian cuisine, including a thali for USD6. Indoor seating is cozy and spread out over three rooms, or you may relax outside in the large garden.

Escalades Restaurant

Macroian2, Matba block 104,  +93 799 473763.10:00–22:00. 

English menu with European food. There are no phone hours or home delivery options.

Golden Key

No 284, Lane 4, Wazir Akbar Khan, (4th Turning on the left off St 13),  +93 799 002800, +93 799 343319. 10:00–23:00. 

Restaurant serving Chinese seafood. In the summer, garden dining is available, as well as Sheesha, Karaoke, and English breakfast on Fridays. Takeout and home delivery orders can be placed over the phone.

The Grill Restaurant

Street 15, Wazir Akbar Khan (on junction near British embassy). 

Mixed clientele, Lebanese cuisine in a nice garden setting.

Hong Kong Restaurant 

Wazir Akbar Khan (near Pakistani embassy). 

Excellent Chinese cuisine.

Istanbul Restaurant

Macroian2, Matba block 104,  +93 70 200116, +93 799 356282. 08:00–21:00. 

The Turkish food is excellent, and the menu is in English. A terrific spot to enjoy delicious food and a bit of local Kabul culture. Clean, friendly, and frequented by middle class Afghans. Orders can be placed over the phone.

Kulba Afghan

Shar-e-now, Esmat Moslim Str. 3rd floor,  +93 799 452151,+93 70 034979. 10:00–21:00. 

English menu with Afghan and Italian food. There will be no phone orders or home deliveries.

Mai Thai Restaurant

Str15 Wazir Ak Khan House No.124, +93 70 297557,+93 70-278640. 11:00–21:00. 

Thai food, an English menu, and employees that speak English are all available. ‘Lai Thai’ has reincarnated. You may either sit inside or outside. Outside, on the gravel road, park. Good value for money.

Mr Cod

Kabul Tower, Shaheed Abdul Haq Square , Makroyan 3,  +93 78 505 0501. 

Fish and chips in the British style

New World Korean Restaurant

Charyi Ansari (Shar-e Now),  +93 799 199509. until 21:00. 

Although the restaurant has relocated, the food remains of exceptional quality. Excellent kimbab and a good assortment of Korean meals (Korean sushi).

Zadar Croatian Restaurant

Wazir Akbar Khan 13th St,  +93 70 0220884, e-mail: [email protected] 

Restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and a Divan lounge bar. Catering, takeout, and services for parties and ceremonial events are all available.

Pamir Restaurant 

Bagh-e Bala Rd (at the Intercontinental Hotel),  +93 20 2201321. 

Offers a fantastic buffet at a reasonable price.

Popolano Italian Restaurant 

Charahi Ansari, Share-e Naw,  +93 70 288116. 09:00-22:00. 

The menu is in English, and the pizza and pastas are excellent. Orders can be placed over the phone.

The Springfield Restaurant &amp Bar

Wazir Akbar Khan. 

On Mondays, there is a weekly quiz night with pizza and other Italian/Western food.

Raven Rae Restaurant 

(Off Koche Qasabi, first left lane. Located in the Raven Rae Villa compound, 6th building on the right side),  +93 779 057640, e-mail:[email protected] 18:30-22:30. 

Grilled meats, seafood, steaks, pizza, soups, and salads are available. During the summer, brunch is served in the rose garden. USD5-25.

Boccaccio Restaurant & Bar 

Str 10 Wazir Ak khan (same street as Everest Pizza), +93 799 160368. 10:00–22:00. 

English menu with European and Italian food. There will be no phone orders or home deliveries. Although it is pricey, the food is among of the best in Kabul.

High-End Restaurants In Kabul

Café Zarnegar 

Froshgah St (In the Kabul Serena Hotel),  +93 79 9654 000. 06:30-22:00 daily, brunch 11:00-16:00. 

One of the best restaurants in the city, with delicious high-end foreign food and a pleasant ambience. Their extensive buffet is without a doubt the greatest in the country. USD15-20 for the mains.

Gandamack Lodge 

(Sherpur Square, next to the UNHCR). 

One of Kabul’s most upscale restaurants, presenting a diverse cuisine in a pleasant setting. Even by Afghan standards, alcohol is prohibitively costly, although this may be overlooked given the relatively low cost of food.

Raven Restaurant

Shar-E-Naw (Off Butcher St. (Koche Qasabi), take first left lane. Raven Restaurant (and Guesthouse) is the 6th building on the right.), +93 779 057640, e-mail: [email protected] 18:30-22:30.

Meat on the grill, fish, steak, and pizza are all popular choices. On F-Sa, 10:00-15:00, Vietnamese spring rolls and coffee are offered in the rose garden around back. On Mondays, the restaurant is closed. USD5-25.

Silk Route Restaurant

Froshgah St (In the Kabul Serena Hotel),  +93 79 9654 000. 18:00-22:00 daily. 

In a magnificent setting, this restaurant specializes in Southeast Asian cuisine. USD15-20.

How To Travel To Kabul

BY PLAIN Kabul International Airport is located east of the city. The new international terminal is now fully operational, with domestic flights departing from the old terminal. Ariana Afghan Airways, Kam Air, Safi Airways, and Pamir Airways all use the airport as a hub. Banks, restaurants, a post office, and...

How To Get Around In Kabul

BY BUS The Millie Bus runs a number of routes across Kabul, however cabs are faster and more comfortable. Some of the buses are newer, but many are older, as one would anticipate in a third-world country. BY TAXI Taxis are numerous, and renting a car for the day should cost roughly...

Prices In Kabul

MARKET / SUPERMARKET Milk1 liter$ 1.22Tomatoes1 kg$ 0.70Cheese0.5 kg$ 6.00Apples1 kg$ 2.00Oranges1 kg$ 1.90Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ Bottle of Wine1 bottle$ Coca-Cola2 liters$ 1.10Bread1 piece$ 0.75Water1.5 l$ 0.65 RESTAURANTS Dinner (Low-range)for 2$ Dinner (Mid-range)for 2$ 18.50Dinner (High-range)for 2$ Mac Meal or similar1 meal$ 4.80Water0.33 l$ 0.30Cappuccino1 cup$ 2.10Beer (Imported)0.33 l$ Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ Coca-Cola0.33 l$ 0.40Coctail drink1 drink$ ENTERTAINMENT Cinema2 tickets$ 3.00Gym1 month$ Men’s...

Sights & Landmarks In Kabul

Bagh-e Babur (Gardens of Babur) The mausoleum of Babur, the first Mughal Emperor, is surrounded by gardens. Despite his wishes to be buried here, he was initially buried in Agra and then relocated to this location. Afghans have traditionally come to the gardens for picnics and peaceful days. Among the amenities...

Things To Do In Kabul

Kabul Wall A relaxing trek with spectacular views of the city. The Kabul City Wall, which runs west-east from Babar Gardens to Bala Hissar, is still in good shape (about 3 km in distance). Kabul Golf Club Qargha Rd,  +93 79 22 63 27.  It was closed by the Soviet Union in 1978 and...

Shopping In Kabul

Near the park, in the Kabul City Center, there are several pretty nice shops.Majid Mall.  It Is located in the Supreme Tower. It is Afghanistan's largest retail mall.Roshan Plaza contains a few decent clothing stores.Chicken Street is known for its tourist attractions (carpets, carvings, knives, and so on) as well as...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Kabul

Kabul is often regarded as one of the safest cities in Afghanistan, and while bombs and kidnappings have decreased in recent years, they still pose a concern. Given the large number of expats and tourists to the city, and the fact that just a few have been victims of...



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