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Destinations in Afghanistan

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Cities in Afghanistan

  • Kabul – Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan in the east.
  • Bamiyan – The Buddhas’ Remains Once regarded as one of the world’s marvels, the Taliban demolished these stoneworks in an infamous act of cultural vandalism.
  • Ghazni – between Kabul and Kandahar in the southeast
  • Herat – located in the west, it is the entrance to Iran and has a significant Persian influence as well as many important historical monuments.
  • Jalalabad – Jalalabad is located in eastern Afghanistan, between Kabul and the Khyber Pass.
  • Kandahar – Kandahar, a southern city affected by the Taliban, is now unsafe.
  • Kunduz – Kunduz is a significant city in the northeast and a border crossing point with Tajikistan.
  • Mazar-e Sharif – Mazar-e Sharif Is home to the magnificent Blue Mosque and a popular starting point for journeys to Uzbekistan.

Other destinations in Afghanistan

  • Balkh: Balkh was formerly one of the region’s biggest cities and the capital of ancient Bactria. Although most of it is in ruins, the surviving architectural and cultural features have remained largely unchanged since the reign of Alexander the Great.
  • Band-e Amir National Park: 5 stunning blue lakes in a remote and picturesque location near Bamiyan.
  • The Khyber Pass, a historic path of conquest and commerce, serves as the entrance to India.
  • The Minaret of Jam is off the main route, but some believe it’s worth the trek – feasible as a roundtrip from Herat or while traveling the Central Route from Herat to Kabul.
  • Panjshir Valley is a lovely hiking region that leads to the renowned Anjuman Pass.
  • The Salang Pass is a steep mountain pass that also serves as a tunnel linking Kabul to the north.
  • Shamali Plain, north of Kabul. Shamali, which meaning “wind” or “north,” is a lush plain that provides a significant quantity of food for central Afghanistan. It runs north from Kabul to Jabal os Saraj, passing via Charikar in the province of Parwan. The Taliban have devastated irrigation systems, which are just now starting to recover.
  • Gardez is a lovely city located in a mountain valley southeast of Kabul.

How To Travel To Afghanistan

By plane Kabul International Airport (IATA: KBL) in Kabul serves as the country's primary gateway. By the end of 2008, the old, barely functional, repaired terminal was being utilized for domestic flights, while the new terminal was running in Japan and displaying international flights. Ariana Afghan Airlines, has a modest fleet...

How To Travel Around Afghanistan

By plane The aircraft travel between Kabul and the capitals on a regular basis (Kandahar, Herat and Mazar-e Sharif). The flights are carried out on a daily basis if the weather permits. The majority of planes depart the city before 11:00 a.m. After sunset, civil aircraft are not permitted to...

Things To See in Afghanistan

While the ongoing conflict has almost entirely halted tourism in Afghanistan, the lack of tourists has nothing to do with the country's viewpoint. This is a region of magical attractions that recounts ancient tales and provides magnificent Islamic architecture, medieval neighborhoods, and surprisingly lovely nature. Several locations are UNESCO World...

Food & Drinks in Afghanistan

Afghan bread is classified into three types: Naan - Naan is a Hindi word that means "bread." It is thin, long, and round, with a white and wholegrain base. Serve garnished with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, Nigella seeds, or a mix of the three. Customers may request white flour and a...

Money & Shopping in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's currency is, of course, the Afghanis (AFN). As of December 2009, one US dollar equaled about AFN48.50, whereas one dollar equaled AFN70. Haggling is part of the tradition. Carpets are the most well-known product in Afghanistan. There are "afghan" carpets, but there are also at least two additional carpet weaving...

Internet & Communications in Afghanistan

Fixed line service (digital in Kabul) and cell phones are available in most cities. SIM cards and international calls to Europe / EE. UU. are available. They usually cost less than 0.5 USD each minute. Outside of major cities, your only choice is a satellite phone. An Afghanistan phone number...

Language & Phrasebook in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's official languages are Pashto and Dari, an Afghan variant of Persian; many Afghans speak both. According to the most recent CIA country profile, Dari is spoken by 50% of the population, particularly in Kabul, Herat, Mazar-e Sharif, and Central Afghanistan. Pashto is spoken by 35% of the population,...

Culture Of Afghanistan

The Afghan culture dates back more than two millennia, at least to the period of the Achaemenid Empire around 500 BC. It is primarily a nomadic and tribal culture, with various areas of the country having their unique customs that represent the nation's multicultural and multilingual character. Pashtun culture...

History Of Afghanistan

Excavations at Louis Dupree's and others' ancient sites indicate that people existed in present-day Afghanistan at least 50,000 years ago, and that agricultural settlements in the region are among the oldest in the world. Many people think that Afghanistan is comparable to Egypt's ancient monuments in terms of historical...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Afghanistan

Stay Safe in Afghanistan No area of Afghanistan can be regarded immune to violence, and there is always the possibility of direct or random hostility anywhere in the nation at any moment. The remnants of the previous Taliban government and the Al Qaeda terrorist network, as well as other organizations...



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