Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Travel Around Zimbabwe

AfricaZimbabweHow To Travel Around Zimbabwe

You travel between cities in luxury buses such as Pathfinder and Citilink. You may also take good buses from Harare’s RoadPort to other important cities in Zimbabwe and adjacent countries such as Johannesburg, Lusaka, and Lilongwe.

Intra-city transportation is provided by minibus taxis, which are very cheap by European standards. They provide a low-cost, albeit not always pleasant, method of experiencing the real Zimbabwe.

Hitchhiking is also an option, but visitors should be cautious about who they accept rides from; hitchhiker hijackings and robberies, particularly inside Harare, have been on the rise in recent years. Be careful to have some cash with you, since many drivers demand a charge to be paid up front.

Since the economy has stabilized, the state of Zimbabwe’s roadways seems to have significantly improved. The roads between Victoria Falls and Bulawayo, Bulawayo and Masvingo (Great Zimbabwe), and Masvingo and Mutare are all in excellent shape. The motorway between Plumtree and Mutare is presently being resurfaced (passing through Bulawayo and Harare in the process).

It’s worth noting that virtually no gas stations in Zimbabwe accept credit cards right now. Roadblocks are also frequent, although authorities typically just ask to check your driver’s license and Temporary Import Permit (TIP). If you don’t have reflective reflectors on your vehicle, red warning triangles in your boot, a spare tire, or a fire extinguisher, you may face a fine, so make sure you have them.

By train

Tourists that are more adventurous may travel throughout Zimbabwe by rail. From Bulawayo to Victoria Falls, there is just one train. The railway travels through Hwange National Park, Africa’s largest national park. Trains run between Bulawayo and Harare, as well as Harare and Mutare.