Friday, September 10, 2021

Traditions & Customs in Uganda

AfricaUgandaTraditions & Customs in Uganda

Uganda is a Christian/Muslim country with a strict culture. Wearing revealing clothes or blatantly displaying one’s sexuality is usually frowned upon by women. The sole exception is in specific Kampala nightlife settings. The majority of Ugandans attend church or mosque on a regular basis and believe religion to be an essential component of a moral society. Never make a religious remark in front of a Ugandan!

If you wear shorts outside of the obvious tourist locations, you would not be regarded seriously, and most Ugandan adults would never wear shorts unless they were participating in sports. To blend in better, wear a pair of light-colored pants. In rural regions, most women wear skirts, although pants are acceptable in cities and bigger towns.

Women in downtown Kampala may dress as they would in any major western metropolis. There are many women dressed neatly in tight sleeveless shirts, tight jeans, or dresses or skirts that do not cover the knees. As a foreigner, you are not required to dress up, but it is prudent to avoid wearing costly jewelry or similar items for safety reasons.

The most frequent type of greeting is a handshake. You may offer your wrist instead of your hand if your hands are damp or filthy.

If you see two guys holding hands, don’t be shocked. This is not an indication of homosexuality (which is illegal and punished), but rather a gesture of friendship.