Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Travel To Uganda

AfricaUgandaHow To Travel To Uganda

By plane

Ugandan air transport is centered at Entebbe Airport. Many flights to African cities depart from here.

  • South African Airways offers direct flights to and from Johannesburg on a daily basis.
  • Turkish Airlines has daily flights from Istanbul to Entebbe, with connections to Europe and Asia.
  • Emirates operates daily Boeing 777-200LR flights from Entebbe to Dubai, with connections to Europe, North America, and Asia.
  • Ethiopian Airlines has a daily Boeing 737 flight to Addis Ababa, with links to several African nations. Europe and Asia are two continents.
  • Qatar airways flies to Doha on a daily basis, providing links to Europe and Asia.
  • KLM flies from Entebbe to Amsterdam on a daily basis, either via Nairobi or directly.
  • Kenya Airways flies four times a day to Nairobi.
  • Brussels Airlines – Entebbe to Brussels is served three times a week by Brussels Airlines.
  • Egypt Air travels to Cairo on a regular basis, with links to Europe.
  • Etihad Airways offers flights to Abu Dhabi that link to Europe and Asia.
  • Fast Jet is a low-cost carrier. Dar es Salaam flights have links to a number of African nations.
  • Fly Dubai a low cost airline. Flights to Dubai. with onward connections to many Asia countries.
  • RwandAir – Kigali, Nairobi, and Juba are all served by RwandAir.
  • South Supreme airlines – Juba and Khartoum are served by South Supreme Airlines.
  • Fly-Sax airlines flies to Nairobi.

By train

Uganda Railways, popularly known as “The Lunatic Express,” is the sole railway in the country.

By car

Travelers using their own cars should theoretically be able to enter Uganda at any of the border crossings that are located on a major road, such as the routes from Kenya via Busia and Malaba. Private vehicles, including motorbikes, need a carnet du passage, but single-entry tourist visas should be easy to acquire (USD100).

By International bus

A number of renowned foreign bus operators service Uganda. Nairobi, Mombasa, Kigali, Bujumbura, Goma, Bukavu Juba, Kisumu, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Lusaka, and Harare all have direct bus connections to Kampala. In principle, all of these buses will enable passengers to disembark at major cities along the route, such as Jinja if traveling from the Kenyan border to Kampala. A normal trip from Kampala to Nairobi, including the border crossing, takes around 12 hours. Easy Coach’s bus from Kampala to Kisumu takes 7 hours and costs Ugx 43,000.

  • Simba Coaches goes all the way from Kampala to Harare Zimbabwe via Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Lusaka Zambia.
  • Easy Coach has three buses a day going from Kampala to Nairobi via Kisumu06.30am and 14.00pm and 18.00pm UGX 43,000/65,000.
  • Trinity Transporters has buses from Kampala to Kigali for Ugx 40,000. Goma DRC for $14. Bukavu DRC for $17.
  • Jaguar Executive coaches has two buses a day from Kampala to Kigali for UGX 40,000.
  • Mash Poa bus company has buses to and from Nairobi three times a day. fares from Ugx 65.000 and a bus to Kigali Ugx 40,000
  • Modern Coast Express have three buses a day to and from Nairobi via Kisumuugx 50,000/65.000. and Kigali ugx 40.000.
  • Dreamline Express Ltd have a bus at 5.30am from Kampala to Nairobi ugx 65.000

By boat

In Lake Victoria, ferries go to the Ssese Islands. Uganda offers a number of fantastic island resorts.