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Food & Drinks in Uganda

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Food in Uganda

Ugandan cuisine is a wonder.

Luwombo, which is beef or groundnut sauce cooked in banana leaves, is available to try. It has a delectable fragrance and is always served with “meal,” which in Ugandan slang refers to any kind of carbohydrate. Plantain matooke in the south, millet in the north, and potatoes in the west are the main “foods” of the area. Other popular “foods” include cassava, posho (ground maize), sweet potatoes, and rice. The entire fried fish is delicious, but it’s generally only available at the beach, and it’s often served with chips or French fries. Traditional matooke, binyebwa (groundnut sauce), chapati, and beef stew are also popular choices in Kampala. Toasted sandwiches or omelets are available in a variety of locations for the less daring.

If this does not appeal, it is preferable (and much more fascinating) to buy fresh food from roadside stalls or markets—fruits and vegetables abound and are extremely cheap, to say nothing of the roasted chicken or goat on a stick. There are also a number of fast-food restaurants in the city center, including Nando’s, Steers, Domino’s Pizza, and Hungry Lion.

The cost of a typical local dish ranges from UGX1,500 to UGX5,600.

A street vendor’s pineapple slice may cost as low as 300 shillings.

For excellent Chinese cuisine in Kampala, go no further than the Fang Fang Hotel. Fang Fang Restaurant (different and more costly than the hotel), Golden China Restaurant (both in the city center), and Nanjing Hotel on Kololo Hill are other excellent Chinese restaurants.

Try the Boma Guesthouse on Gowers Rd in Entebbe (see below under Sleep). The Golf Course Restaurant and the Airport Motel, among other locations, provide local cuisine in Entebbe.

The Ling Ling in Jinja serves excellent Chinese cuisine. The Source Café on Main Street serves a wide range of cuisine and allows you to browse the web while you dine.

Drinks in Uganda

Coffee is one of Uganda’s greatest exports, but the British converted Ugandans to tea, making getting a good cup of local java almost difficult, particularly outside of Kampala. Try the coffee shop 1000 Cups on Buganda Road in Kampala. Ugandan coffee is sold at the airport, Banana Boat shops, and several hotels by The Source Cafe in Jinja. Kiira Kawa is the brand name for the coffee (River Coffee). In the Kampala region, Good African Coffee and Cafe Pap are two excellent eateries for cuisine and coffee. Stop by the Source Cafe in Jinja for a delicious cappuccino—they have the cutest espresso machine! Alternatively, if you’re in the west, stay at the Hotel Mountains of the Moon in Fort Portal.

Chai tea is readily accessible and tastes best in rural regions near tea farms. Signs will be placed in stores and kiosks indicating where it may be bought.

Some establishments provide lower-end South African wine, but stick to the beer. Any of the four main brands will suffice, but for those who worry about such things, the Pilsner is the only one without added corn sugar.

It is recommended that you consume bottled water, which is often referred to as mineral water at local restaurants. The water that comes out of the taps hasn’t been treated.