Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Do in Tunisia

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Beach holidays in Tunisia are very popular, especially with Europeans. Some of the most important beach resorts are along the east coast, from La Goulette (near Tunis) to Monastir.The southern island of Djerba is an alternative. Many water sports activities are widely available or you can just relax and take advantage of the almost relentlessly sunny climate.

While the whole of Tunisia can be proud of its beaches, you just need to know where you can find the “undiscovered” ones. Not far from Sousse, there is a beach called Shot Merriam. The beach is clean with white sand and nice clean sea. The best beaches in Tunisia can be found in Kelilbia, Djerba, Ghar El-Melh, Rafrafbeach, Sidi El Mekki, Sounine, Sousse and Zarzis.

A few tour organisations organise day trips from Tunis to the beaches in Bizerte and the surrounding area for around TD25 per person, including a meal. These events are mainly found on Facebook.

The desert

Trekking in the desert is very popular in Tunisia and the towns of Douz and Tozeur are excellent starting points. Near Tozeur is the small town of Metraoui, which is the starting point for the ride. The beautifully restored carriages date from 1904, and the luxurious train takes you into some truly stunning desert mountain scenery. Agencies that organise such trips include Libre Espace Voyage and Au Coeur du Desert.