Saturday, September 18, 2021

Money & Shopping in Tunisia

AfricaTunisiaMoney & Shopping in Tunisia

The national currency is the Tunisian dinar(TND).

Typical banknotes are circulated in TND5 (green), TND10 (blue or brown), TND20 (purple-red), TND30 (orange) and TND50 (green and purple).

The 2 nars are divided into 1000 milleme and the typical coins are TND5 (silver with copper insert), 1 nar (large – silver), 500 milleme (small – silver), 100 and 50 milleme, (large – brass), 20 and 10 milleme (small – brass) and 5 milleme (small – aluminium). It is forbidden to import or export dinars to Tunisia, so you must change your money locally.

Prices are usually in dinars and millemes, with a decimal point such as: 5,600 or 24,000 or 0,360, sometimes with TND as a designation such as TND85,500. In the markets, goods are usually sold per kilogram. For example, tomatoes may have a mark “480” on them, which means 480 millemes per kilo. Good cheese will be marked at about 12,400 or about US$7 per kilo. Most self-service supermarkets expect you to put your groceries in the flimsy plastic bags provided and then take them to the nearby scales, where an employee weighs them and puts a price sticker on them.