Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Get in Tunisia

AfricaTunisiaHow To Get in Tunisia

With plane

The main international airport for regular flights to Tunisia is the International Airport Tunis-Carthage (IATA: TUN), which is located close to Tunis. From the airport, you can take a taxi to the centre of Tunis (be careful, the taxi meters may be tampered with). They are best stopped in the departure hall on the 2nd floor to avoid being scammed, and should cost no more than TND4 to the centre of Tunis (Avenue Habib Bourguiba area) during the day, and no more than TND7, 21:00-05:00 (during this time, meter prices are 150% of daily prices).

Alternatively, take bus #635 or #35 to Ave Habib Bourguiba for TND 0.47. The bus comes about every half hour and stops in front of the terminal.

The official airport Wi-Fi is chargeable, but connection to the public “LINDO CAFE” network from a restaurant of the same name is free.

To buy cheap snacks and coffee/tea instead of paying exorbitant fares at the airport, go straight from the lower level of the airport (arrivals level), past the fountain and through the car park for about 3 minutes, where you will find a small convenience store and café selling products at local prices . It is next to a utilitarian car wash.

The 2nd largest airport in Tunisia is Habib Bourguiba, Skanes-Monastir (IATA: MIR), which serves low-cost charter flights from various European destinations. Monastir is closer to most holiday destinations. Low-cost charter flights (at least from the UK) are offered by airlines such as Thomas Cook. From May 2010, will also offer a connection to Monastir. Other destinations with international airports are Tozeur and Djerba.

Other airports around the country offer domestic and international flights. Here you can find a list of airports in Tunisia:

  • Carthage Intl Airport located near Tunis.
  • Habib BourguibaSkanesMonastir near Monastir (Central East Tunisia)
  • Sfax Thyna Airport near Sfax
  • Tozeur Nefta Intl Airport near Tozeur (Southwest Tunisia)
  • Gafsa Airport near Gafsa (Southwest Tunisia)
  • Tabarka 7 November 1987 near Tabarka (Northwest Tunisia)

Djerba International Airport on the island of Djerba (south-east Tunisia)

With boat

Ferry services connect Tunis with Malta, Trapani and Palermo (Sicily, Italy), Naples (Italy), Genoa (Italy) and Marseille (France). The ships usually depart from the port of La Goulette (near Tunis). Other commercial ports are also present (Rades, Gabes, Sousse, Sfax, Zarzis…).