Saturday, September 18, 2021

Stay Safe & Healthy in Togo

AfricaTogoStay Safe & Healthy in Togo

Stay Safe in Togo

As a general rule, avoid public beaches, where visitors may be robbed at any time of day or night. The majority of the nation is free of crime, but Lomé is an exception, much more hazardous than any city in Ghana or Benin. If you’re heading someplace late at night, take a vehicle cab and acquire the phone numbers of a few reliable taxi drivers.

Togo’s driving is appalling, with fatalistic overloaded speed demons risking their lives on bends and slopes, capital streets teeming with motorbikes late at night, and terrifying crash scenes along the major highways. North of Kara, the steep north-south route is especially hazardous. Take a day trip if you’re dubious, and marvel at all the bus and truck husks that weren’t there on the way out! In Togo, traffic is the single greatest threat to tourists.

Stay Healthy in Togo

Drink bottled water like Volta or “Pure Water” sachets. Bissop juice is likewise somewhat safe since it has been cooked, but avoid the lemonade “citron” despite its delectable flavor. If at all possible, avoid roadside lunches. Be careful that people in Lomé discharge themselves on the streets.

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