Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Know Before Traveling To Swaziland

AfricaSwazilandThings To Know Before Traveling To Swaziland


The official language of business is English. It is recommended that visitors acquire a bit of the native language, SiSwati (also known as Swazi), which is virtually entirely spoken in rural regions.


Swazis are very devoted to the King and Royalty, so be careful what you say out loud.

Swaziland is mainly Christian, and humility is emphasized in clothing.

Swazis hold on to their ancient customs, which are being practiced today. Many people who are sick may visit a sangoma to identify the source of their sickness and an inyanga to suggest a therapy. Discriminating against these people or referring to them as witch doctors is the height of disrespect.

Things to see

Traditional culture and traditions are still alive in Swaziland, as they are in much of Africa, and national parks and reserves are the most significant attractions.