Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Sudan

AfricaSudanThings To See in Sudan

Around one hour before sundown and Friday prayer in Khartoum/Omdurman, you must witness the Sufi ritual of drumming and trance dance. These rites take place at Omdurman, which is located northwest of the Nile River. The ambiance is really friendly and lively.

It takes approximately four hours to walk around Tuti Island, which is located in the midst of the Nile’s two branches. With its leafy alleys and irrigated fields, the less crowded northern part is lovely, and there’s a wonderful small coffee shop beneath a tree on the western side.

Meroe’s pyramids are 2.5 hours north of Khartoum (leave early to avoid Khartoum traffic). Visit the sites of Naqa and Musawarat along the same path. In principle, permits are needed before visiting the sites, and guidebooks suggest paying in advance in Khartoum, however this seems to have altered as of January 2010. You must now pay at each location. The price is ten Sudanese pounds. The route between Naqa and Musawarat is reasonably clear though sandy, and it is marked near the Nile Petrol station (approximately 1 hour 15 minutes north of Khartoum). It’s probably a good idea to have a GPS with you if you don’t want to get lost in the woods.

After 4 p.m., head to The Egg hotel for a delicious coffee with a view of Khartoum, the Nile, and Omdurman from a high height, and remain to see the sunset. Worthwhile.

The dam is around 1.5 hours south of Khartoum. The Nile is also quite broad just north of the dam (downstream); the region is popular with day tourists on Friday and Saturday.

Near Port Sudan, there is excellent diving, either on liveaboards or from the new Red Sea Resort (north of Port Sudan). Unless you’re not prone to seasickness, avoid the windy season (Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb) (a 2.5-hour dingy trip from the shore in strong waves may be challenging!).