Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Sudan

AfricaSudanAccommodation & Hotels in Sudan

Larger towns and cities

Most major towns and cities offer reasonably priced hotels, but they are not as inexpensive as you would think. Within the price range, quality is usually constant.

Basic hotels provide a bed and a fan, as well as a common bathroom and toilet. Although a room may include more than one bed, you are generally required to pay for the whole room. The more people in a group, the more affordable these accommodations become, since additional beds are frequently added to a room (within reason) to accommodate everyone without changing the price. As in smaller towns and cities, some motels offer cheaper mattresses outdoors in the open. These hotels are not very clean, but they are inexpensive and suitable for short stays.

The poorest value for money may be found at lower mid-range hotels, which are more common in Khartoum. They may have en suite bathrooms, (mostly evaporative) air conditioning, and satellite television, but the rooms are extremely tatty for the price (two to three times that of basic hotels depending on your bargaining skills), and hotel owners almost always adhere to the philosophy of “only fix something if the guest complains.” Rooms without a bathroom, air conditioning, or television are sometimes available at costs slightly higher than those in basic hotels.

Upper mid-range hotels are the next step up, with clean rooms of much better quality but rates that are closer to what you’d expect in the West (typically listed in dollars). However, there won’t be anything to criticize.

The Hilton is one of the most prestigious five-star hotels in the world. Khartoum is home to the majority of the few. They are much more costly than hotels in the upper mid-range.

Outside larger towns and cities

Outside of bigger towns and cities, hotels usually don’t provide much more than the bare minimum. That implies bedframes with either a string mesh or thin mattresses; this isn’t to suggest they’re uncomfortably unpleasant. They’re usually seen (in groups of four or five) in rooms with a ceiling fan to keep things cool. Out in the courtyard beneath the stars, the mattresses are generally cheaper – and more enjoyable to sleep in – but there is clearly less privacy and security. It is almost difficult to rent one bed in a room, as it is in a dormitory, at most cheap motels in major towns and cities. The hotel insists that you rent the whole room. At some periods, rooms become rapidly unavailable (weekends, for example). If your journey follows the Nile, showers may be bucket showers with water directly from the Nile.

Outside of the south, camping in the bush is simple as long as the normal precautions are observed.