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Food & Drinks in Sierra Leone

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Food in Sierra Leone

Rice is the mainstay of Sierra Leonean cuisine, which is often served with soups or stews. These stews may include a delectable and sometimes spicy combination of meat, seafood, spices, greens, and other ingredients, and can take hours to make. There are many high-quality restaurants that provide a wide range of regional and international cuisines.

Sierra Leoneans, like many African nations, have a highly nutritious diet. Many people consume fresh fruit that they have harvested from their own trees or that market sellers have picked that day. They also consume seafood, especially in Freetown, the capital, which is located on the Atlantic coast. Local fisherman may be seen bringing in nets from the Atlantic loaded with crabs, lobsters, oysters, snappers, and a variety of other species at places like Lumley Beach.

Sierra Leoneans stay healthy by eating a variety of plant-based meals rich in fiber, such as cassava leaves, potato leaves, okra, and other vegetables.

Drinks in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Breweries Limited, the national brewer, manufactures Star beer and, as of October 2013, premium Mützig beer. Many European beers are also available in the United States. Guinness is quite popular in Africa, as it is in many other nations. Locally manufactured soft drinks include Coca-Cola and Fanta. Restaurants and stores sell wine, although it may be costly. In Sierra Leone, locally made palm wine (known as “poyo” in Krio) is extremely popular. Be cautious of spirits (whisky, gin, etc.) offered in big plastic containers; the quality and safety are unknown.