Friday, September 10, 2021

Food & Drinks in Seychelles

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Food in Seychelles

Seychellois cuisine has been strongly influenced by the rich cultures of the islands. Creole cuisine, varied seafood dishes, coconuts and curries are most popular. The country’s staple, fish, is prepared in a variety of ways. Red snapper in particular is very tasty and well known among visitors.

There are many restaurants which serve not only local cuisine, but also Chinese, Indian, and Italian food.

Cheapest food. Gather coconuts on the beach and learn how to open their horrible shells ( to open: hit the coconut very hard on the end a few times, sooner or later the fibers will break).

Drinks in Seychelles

Seychelles has a fantastic nightlife scene that caters to tourists. The active nightlife takes place mainly around the larger hotels. Besides theatres, cinemas and discos, there are also many fun and trendy restaurants.

Nightlife: Visit Lovenut, the most popular nightclub in the center of Victoria, just a 100-meter walk from the Central Station. Also entertaining are the nightclubs “Tequila Boom” in (Bel Ombre) and “Katiolio” (near Anse Royale). “Katiolio” was one of the first nightclubs to open on Mahe and offers an open-air, seafront setting.

For a good beer experience, you should try the local beer, Sable Beer. The flavor is very similar to a light Bavarian-style beer, and is a must-have beer to overcome the hot and humid weather. You can save yourself a packet by buying the beer from the roadside shops, as the locals do, rather than from the hotels. A dark Takamaka rum on the beach under the stars is the best way to end a day in the Seychelles.