Sunday, September 19, 2021

Food & Drinks in Senegal

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Food made on the road should be avoided since it may have been cooked in unclean circumstances. Western-style dinners are accessible in restaurants across Dakar, Thies, Saint Louis, and other cities, as well as near the major hotels on the Petite Côte and other touristic areas of the country.

If you truly want to taste authentic Senegalese cuisine, you may purchase it at restaurants that specialize in Senegalese cuisine, or you can cook it yourself using ingredients collected fresh from markets or supermarkets.

Ceebu jen (or thebou diene) is Senegal’s national cuisine, which consists of rice and fish. There are two types of it (red and white — named for the different sauces). The Senegalese adore ceebu jen and will often inquire whether you’ve tasted it; it’s an essential element of the experience. Even better if you get to have a meal with a Senegalese family while eating with your hands around the bowl! Keep your eyes out for the delectable ceebu jen “diagga,” which comes with additional sauce and fish balls. Maafe, a thick, fatty peanut-based sauce with meat served over white rice, is another popular meal. “Yassa” is a delectable onion sauce that is often served with rice and chicken (“Yassa poulet”) or deep-fried fish (“Yassa Jen”).

If you want to visit Senegal’s dry region (Saint-Louis and Ferlo), you’ll need to drink several liters of water each day. Dehydration is occur even in Dakar during the hotter months if you do not drink enough water each day.