Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Travel To Sao Tome and Principe

AfricaSao Tome and PrincipeHow To Travel To Sao Tome and Principe

By plane

The Portuguese airline TAP [www] operates one weekly flight from Lisbon to So Tomé (Fridays, January 2012). On Mondays (Tuesdays starting March 2012), the national carrier flies from Lisbon to Sao Tome, returning the next day.

On Tuesdays, Air Nigeria flies between Lagos and Sao Tome through Libreville, and on Thursdays, via Douala. TAAG Angola Airlines flies from Luanda to So Tomé on Tuesdays (flight DT511, [www] ). Flight DT502 stops at Sao Tome on Thursdays and Sundays on way to Praia, Cape Verde ([www]).

Other airlines, such as Africa’s Connection [www], CEIBA Intercontinental [www], and Allegiance Gabon [www], claim to travel between Sao Tome and neighboring towns like Libreville and Malabo.