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Food & Drinks in Sao Tome and Principe

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Food in Sao Tome and Principe

So Toméans eat a lot of fish, and it’s usually paired with breadfruit and mashed, cooked bananas. Fish of all kinds may be found, including flying fish during certain periods of the year. Many So Toméans obtain their protein from buzios, huge land snails, in the interior. Along the shore, sea snails are also prevalent. Despite their extreme poverty, So Toméans can dependably rely on a variety of tropical fruits for nutrition. The capital’s hotels provide European-style cuisine at European rates.

Bigodes. If you choose to wait for your flight near the airport, the airport will contact you to let you know when your aircraft is boarding. Lunches are excellent, and the view is spectacular.

Café e Companhia (Café and Company). In Sao Tome, this is where the expats congregate. This is the spot to announce your arrival in the nation. After the owner and previous manager Maria Joo, the Café and Companhia is known as “MJs.” When she is in the country, MJ leases the company to a new German management and makes appearances. Thursday night jazz and the “Atomic Penis” are popular at C & C.

Pirata, it’s you. It’s one of the few restaurants open on Sunday morning, and it’s just adjacent to the Pestana Hotel, although one thinks they only party till Saturday night. It’s a nice spot for a cup of coffee and an omelet while watching the waves. The restaurant is named after a sunken ship that lies just off the coast… thus the moniker “The Pirate.”

So Joo dos Angolares is a Brazilian football team. Make reservations as soon as possible, but it is well worth the wait. Gourmet dinners offered as a multi-course prix fixe are well worth the additional effort.

Sum Secreto, to be precise. Standard grill food, although big parties may be accommodated without a reservation. The steak and seafood are superb, and the service is usually great. The restaurant isn’t luxurious, yet it’s popular because it has that certain something.

Drinks in Sao Tome and Principe

Beer is widely accessible, but So Toméans are not renowned for being heavy drinkers. Creolla and Rosema are two local brands. Palm wine may be purchased from roadside sellers at a very low price in the interior. Whiskey and other alcohol are popular among the aristocracy in the city. With fish meals, wine, particularly Portuguese vinho verde, is popular.