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Traditions & Customs in Rwanda

AfricaRwandaTraditions & Customs in Rwanda

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Rwanda is a highly conservative culture; most individuals, particularly women, dress modestly. Wearing shorts, tight skirts, and tiny tops will earn you twice as many stares as usual.

Even while many guys stroll hand in hand with male pals, it is uncommon for a pair to make public shows of love. Aside from restaurants, Rwandans hardly never eat or drink in public. Rwandan women are seldom seen smoking in public or drinking alone in clubs.

Although smoking is not prohibited in most public areas such as pubs and restaurants, it is usually discouraged. People may complain about being bothered by your smoking from time to time.

Rwandans are a highly quiet, reticent people, and public conflicts (such as screaming bouts) or apparent shows of emotion (such as weeping) are also frowned upon. If you believe you are being overcharged by a merchant, calmly continuing with the negotiation (or your complaint!) is far more likely to generate results than a furious outburst!

Making eye contact with an elder is also considered rude.

Please keep in mind that Rwanda is still rebuilding from a civil war and genocide that killed over 800,000 people, perhaps a million. Many Rwandese people were killed, including family and acquaintances. When working with Rwandese, keep this unfortunate truth in mind. Most people now want to be referred to be Rwandese rather than Hutu or Tutsi, attempting to forget the ethnic divides. It is considered rude to inquire about someone’s ethnic background.

Unlike in many neighboring countries such as Uganda and Kenya, where people openly debate the government and political problems, individuals in Rwanda will feel uncomfortable if questioned about their opinions or simply sitting at a table where national politics is discussed.

How To Travel To Rwanda

By plane International flights into Kigali are available from Brussels, Istanbul, and Amsterdam. Since the end of August 2011, RwandAir has been operating flights to Dubai (via Mombasa) and Jo-Burg utilizing its new Boeing 737-800. There are also regular flights from Uganda's Entebbe airport, Johannesburg, and Addis Abeba. There are...

How To Travel Around Rwanda

Short distances may be covered on foot or by taxi-velo (bicycle taxi). Taxi-velos are common and very cheap, although they are not permitted in metropolitan areas. The driver of the taxi-velo will bike, while the passenger will sit somewhat dangerously on the back. Motorcycle taxis (taxi-moto) are also common, particularly...

Visa & Passport Requirements for Rwanda

A passport is needed to enter Rwanda, and a proof of yellow fever vaccination is usually required to return to the country of origin. Citizens of Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Hong Kong, Kenya, the Philippines, Mauritius, Singapore, Uganda, and Tanzania do not need visas. If coming by...

Destinations in Rwanda

Regions in Rwanda Kigali district Northern Rwanda Western Rwanda Eastern Rwanda Southern Rwanda Cities in Rwanda KigaliByumbaRubavu, formerly GisenyiMuhanga, formerly GitaramaHuye, formerly ButareKibungoKarongi, formerly KibuyeMusanze, formerly Ruhengeri Other destinations in Rwanda Akagera National ParkVolcanoes National Park – home to the mountain gorillas, this park spreads into Uganda and Democratic Republic of the CongoNyungwe National...

Accommodation & Hotels in Rwanda

Accommodation is often modest and considerably more costly than in neighboring Uganda and Tanzania. The most basic lodging will cost between USD8 and USD20. Kigali has a few excellent hotels, the most renowned of which being the "Hotel des Mille Collines," which was featured in the film Hotel Rwanda. Moviegoers...

Things To See in Rwanda

National Museum of Butare,  0252 553131. 09:00-17:00. In Huye – National Museum of Rwanda RWF3,000 for foreigners; RWF2,000 for foreign residents. Extra charge for photography.The Genocide Memorial in Kigali – excellent insight into one of history's biggest tragedies Walking around is free, however audio tours cost USD10. Small groups may employ tour guides.( Nyamata Genocide Memorial is...

Food & Drinks in Rwanda

Food in Rwanda Local "Brochettes" (kebabs) are delectable and can be found at most taverns and restaurants. Small taverns will mainly offer goat brochettes, and goat liver brochettes are generally considered to be of better quality by locals. Zingalo is goat intestine, which is occasionally served as a brochette. Some...

Money & Shopping in Rwanda

The Rwandan franc (French: franc rwandais, Kinyarwanda: Ifaranga ry'u Rwanda) is the country's currency, with the ISO 4217 currency code RWF (often represented as FRw, and sometimes RF or R). As of December 2015, one US dollar equaled RWF 750. One British pound equals RWF 1120. One Euro equals RWF...

Language & Phrasebook in Rwanda

Kinyarwanda is Rwanda's official language and the most widely spoken language. It is also spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's east and in southern Uganda. Kinyarwanda is a Bantu tonal language that is closely linked to Kirundi spoken in neighboring Burundi but considerably more distantly related to...

Culture Of Rwanda

Rwandan rituals, festivals, social gatherings, and storytelling all include music and dance. The most renowned traditional dance is a highly choreographed routine consisting of three components: the umushagiriro, or cow dance, performed by women; the intore, or hero's dance, performed by men; and drumming, also historically done by males,...

History Of Rwanda

The modern human settlement of what is now Rwanda dates from the last glacial era, either in the Neolithic period about 8000 BC or in the lengthy humid period that followed, up to approximately 3000 BC. Archaeological investigations have found evidence of patchy settlement by hunter-gatherers in the late...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Rwanda

Stay Safe in Rwanda Tourists are often greeted cordially in Rwanda, and the nation is widely regarded as safe for tourists. Certain areas near the Congolese and Burundian borders may be exceptions. Rwandan soldiers are said to be engaged in the civil conflict that still rages in the Democratic Republic...



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