Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel To Rwanda

AfricaRwandaHow To Travel To Rwanda

By plane

International flights into Kigali are available from Brussels, Istanbul, and Amsterdam. Since the end of August 2011, RwandAir has been operating flights to Dubai (via Mombasa) and Jo-Burg utilizing its new Boeing 737-800. There are also regular flights from Uganda’s Entebbe airport, Johannesburg, and Addis Abeba. There are also three daily flights from Nairobi and many flights per week to Bujumbura. It should be noted that the Rwandan capital is also readily accessible (3 hours by car) from the Goma airfield in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

By bus

  • Many bus companies in Uganda operate the 8-10 hour trip from Kampala to Kigali. Horizon costs RWF8,000 to travel from Kigali to Kampala in 2015. Jaguar costs RWF6,000-8,000; earlier buses are less expensive. Rwanda’s most dependable bus companies are Kampala Coaches, Jaguar, and Ontracom.
  • Tanzania has one open border with Rwanda, however owing to the remoteness and lack of roads in western Tanzania, this is a much more difficult route to access Rwanda. Buses operate from Mwanza to Benako (both in Tanzania), and from Benako to Kigali. Ngara is another place to consider along this route (Tanzania).

Every day, many buses travel from Dar es Salaam to Kahama through Morogoro and Dodoma (they all depart Ubungo bus station about 06:00-07:00). You must spend the night in Kahama before taking a minibus or shared cab to the border. There are minibuses to Kigali from the Rwandan side of the border.

  • There are two routes to enter Burundi from Rwanda, and border security varies. For the brave, Yahoo Car operates a daily direct service from Kigali to Bujumbura, while Belvedere Lines has run a new “luxury” route since 2007. If there are security issues along the Bujumbura-Huye-Kigali route, it is also feasible to travel via the bordering (but not entering) DRC road. This will most likely need a succession of minibuses through Cibitoke, Bugarama (Rwanda), and Cyangugu (Rwanda). Check the security status with your embassy for each of these options (the Belgian embassy has the best information). There are several new ones, such as the Volcano Express.
  • Much of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is still off-limits to visitors owing to insecurity, but Goma and Bukavu are readily accessible from Rwanda.

By train

Rwanda and Tanzania announced a proposal in 2009 to construct a railway line from Isaka, Tanzania, to Kigali, Rwanda, and Uganda.