Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel Around Rwanda

AfricaRwandaHow To Travel Around Rwanda

Short distances may be covered on foot or by taxi-velo (bicycle taxi). Taxi-velos are common and very cheap, although they are not permitted in metropolitan areas. The driver of the taxi-velo will bike, while the passenger will sit somewhat dangerously on the back.

Motorcycle taxis (taxi-moto) are also common, particularly in Kigali, with a typical trip costing between USD1-2. If you seem to be a foreigner and are strolling on the major road, cars will most likely approach you and offer you a ride. Most of the drivers, if they speak at all, speak just very rudimentary English or French.

Taxis are less frequent and may be located at taxi stations, by waiting at bus stops for the taxi sign, or by phoning them. They are considerably more costly; even short trips cost RWF2,000, or almost USD4, while longer rides may cost RWF5,000 or more (almost USD10).

Matatu can travel somewhat greater distances, and even the whole nation (or Twegerane, literally let get closer). These white minibuses may be seen all across East Africa, packed with people, children, and anything else you can think of (bags, chickens).