Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Rwanda

AfricaRwandaAccommodation & Hotels in Rwanda

Accommodation is often modest and considerably more costly than in neighboring Uganda and Tanzania. The most basic lodging will cost between USD8 and USD20.

Kigali has a few excellent hotels, the most renowned of which being the “Hotel des Mille Collines,” which was featured in the film Hotel Rwanda. Moviegoers wanting to spend time on the set may be disappointed, since the picture was made in South Africa. Following significant renovations, the hotel is again open for business. Most hotels in Kigali cost $50 or more per night, but there are a few deals to be found if you search around.

In the heart of town, there is a reasonably priced hotel operated by Catholic sisters named St Paul. It’s directly behind the same-named church, across from the roundabout. contains two twin beds (without self-contained bathroom).