Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel Around Congo

AfricaRepublic of the CongoHow To Travel Around Congo

By shared taxi or minibus

In Brazzaville, very inexpensive shared taxis and minibuses operate on an ad hoc basis between cities and villages, packed with Congolese people transporting various types of cattle for sale.

By taxi

Taxis in Brazzaville are green. 700 CFA will often bring you around a neighborhood. At night, this rises to 1000 CFA. Drivers are usually reasonable in their pricing, and no bargaining is necessary before getting in.

By train

The Congo-Ocean Railway (COR, or CFCO) runs 502 kilometers from Pointe-Noire (now in the Republic of Congo) to Brazzaville.

The route was closed for six years when the civil war began in 1997. The BBC stated in 2007 that it was in a “decrepit condition, with the bulk of trains now damaged.” In August 2007, UNICEF organized a train to deliver malaria nets, which are essential for illness prevention.