Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Congo

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Food in Congo

Osaka Restaurant in Pointe Noire serves delicious and nutritious Chinese cuisine. A dinner cost between US$12 and US$18 on average. All meals were delivered in excellent clean plates, and the restaurant is inside and has air conditioning, as well as a backup generator just in case. Some of the employees are fluent in English and French.

Brazzaville has a number of excellent eateries. Any taxi driver may take you to one of these more upscale locations (5000 – 15000 CFA). On Sundays, most businesses are closed. Beers are likely to be expensive here (1000 to 2000 CFA).

Drinks in Congo

Palm wine is a popular drink in the hamlet. Beer is the most popular beverage in town, followed by Fanta, Coke, and so on. A native red wine (SOVINCO) imported from Gabon is also available, as is the “brique,” a liter of imported, mainly Spanish wine from the box.

Beer prices vary from 500 to 5,000 CFA, depending on the area and kind of bar/restaurant.

N’Gok (meaning “Crocodile,” blond, Congolese), Primus (blond, Belgium, Central Africa), Mütsig (blond, French Alsace Region), Guinness (dark, Ireland), and Turbo King were all produced in Congo under Heineken supervision (dark, Central Africa)

If all of that is too much for you, there is also water in 1.5 litre plastic bottles offered by different local and foreign brands.