Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Nigeria

AfricaNigeriaThings To See in Nigeria
  • Lagos: Bar Beach, Badagary Beach, Tarkwa bay Beach
  • Lekki Forest Reserve – a nice little fenced-off and interesting patch of tropical rainforest with wooden walkways located on the outskirts of the city (ask a taxi to take you to “across from Chevron Oil Company (who financed much of the refurbishment of the forest to look greener) on the Lekki Express Way, just before the second toll gate,” as locals tend not to know about it).
  • Hiking and tourism on the Plateau
  • Hiking and traditional activities, such as New yam and atiliogwu dancers, are held in Enugu.
  • Obudu: Small town a few hours to the north from Calabar very close to the Cameroon border – rent a car from Calabar airport (comes with driver) and ask the driver to take you there via Tinapa. This is a cool mountain escape with a nice resort (Obudu Mountain Resort) on the mountain (the president also has a week-end home there). They have some forest walks, hiking, one of the longest cable cars in the world (Austrian built) and very nice pristine swimming pools with fountains available.
  • Imo: Igbo Ukwu Shrine, if you are interested in Nigerian art.