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Destinations in Nigeria

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Regions in Nigeria

Nigeria’s southwest – The Yoruba and Edo peoples, as well as others, call Lagos home.

Nigeria’s Southeast – Land of the Igbo, Ibibio, and Ijaw peoples, as well as minorities, and hub of the massive oil industry.

Central Nigeria – Transition zone between the southern woodlands and the northern savanna in central Nigeria.

Nigeria’s eastern region – A rural area with numerous natural reserves and hills near the Cameroonian border.

Northern Nigeria, home to the Hausa and Fulani, is nearly entirely Islamic, with Sharia law in place.

Northeastern Nigeria is ruled by the Kanuri tribe.

Cities in Nigeria

  • Abuja — Abuja is Nigeria’s capital, and it has lovely undulating landscape as well as contemporary Nigerian architecture.
  • Benin City is the Edo people’s capital.
  • Calabar — oil region, with the greatest number of butterflies in the world in the surrounding areas.
  • Enugu — the coal city
  • Ibadan is Africa’s biggest city in terms of land area.
  • Kano is an important Hausa metropolis and the northern commercial center.
  • Lagos is Africa’s second most populated metropolis, a former colonial capital, and a massive commercial center.
  • Osogbo is the location of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sacred Grove of Osun.
  • Port Harcourt is an oil-region port city.