Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel To Niger

AfricaNigerHow To Travel To Niger

By plane

Niamey and Agadez both have international airports.

  • Flights from Europe and West Africa arrive in Niamey on a regular basis.
  • Air France is the only major airline operating direct flights from outside of Africa, although Point Air Niger, a small airline, travels weekly between France and Niamey.
  • Royal Air Maroc offers convenient connections through Casablanca.
  • Charter flights to Niamey and Agadez from Paris and Marseille
  • Air Algerie operates flights from Algiers to Niamey.
  • Afriqiyah fly from Tripoli.

There are a few commercial businesses and one mission aviation organization (SIMAir) that provide charter flights in small aircraft from Niamey.

By car

Overland travel to Niger is possible from Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, and Nigeria. Some daring individuals continue to traverse the Sahara from the north (Algeria), although the region is unsafe.