Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel Around Niger

AfricaNigerHow To Travel Around Niger

In Niger, there are no railroads.

Over 2000 kilometers of the 10,000 kilometers of roads are paved, and attempts are being undertaken to enhance some of the portions that have previously been inexhaustibly repaired. On roads in good to acceptable condition, you may drive from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso all the way to Diffa near Lake Chad. From Niamey to “Park W” in the south, the route is paved. After being in disrepair for years, the Zinder-Agadez road is being repaved. The route connecting Birni Nkonni, Agadez, and Arlit is in disrepair.

There are 27 airports/landing strips in the nation, with 9 having paved runways.

The Niger River is navigable for approximately 300 kilometers from Niamey to Gaya on the Benin border from mid-December to March.

Taxis in Niamey cost about XOF200 for short distances and XOF400 for trips nearly across the city. There is a taxi monopoly at the airport in Niamey, and the lowest you can get a cab for is XOF3,000 – and that’s if you bargain hard! However, if you walk south from the airport, you’ll come to a major road where you can get a ride from a beat-up van to the Grand Marché (Main Market), baggage included, for XOF100-150.

By bus

The Nigerien government has lately established a bus service along the country’s main routes. While traveling by vehicle is thrilling and fun, it is also hazardous, very hot, and more costly. Furthermore, owing to banditry, they are compelled to pull over after midnight. Because these vehicles often depart in the dark, traveling a relatively small distance may take several days. The big buses are spanking new Mercedes buses, and they transport a soldier at night, allowing them to travel all night. Furthermore, because of their enormous size, they can skim over potholes that would damage smaller vehicles.

Rent a car

There is virtually no way to hire a vehicle in the traditional sense, but a Hertz franchise opened in Niamey in 2005 and rentals Toyota RAV4s. You may also hire a full-size “cat-cat” (4×4 from the French quatre-quatre) with a driver/guide, but you will need to make arrangements with businesses that organize excursions.