Friday, September 10, 2021

Destinations in Niger

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Cities in Niger

  • Niamey — Despite being both the administrative and commercial capital, it is probably the least congested and chaotic city in West Africa.
  • Agadez — For almost five centuries, it has been a trans-Saharan commercial center, home to a beautiful palace and numerous mosques, and a gateway to the surrounding Air Mountains.
  • Ayorou — Along a scenic stretch of the Niger River, with one of Niger’s finest marketplaces and a launching point for river excursions to Gaya.
  • Diffa — Peul is a hamlet in the middle of changing sand dunes and vanishing swampland that acts as a gateway to SE Niger and Lake Chad.
  • Dosso — features a modest ethnic museum, a vibrant market, and an even more vibrant chief’s palace
  • Maradi — Agriculture center (particularly peanuts), home to a beautiful chief’s palace, and close to seasonal rivers/floodplains that have resulted in unique terrain formations to the south
  • Tahoua — Stop en route to Agadez
  • Zinder — This Peul-Hausa city, Niger’s cultural center, features some of the most colorful artisan markets (pottery and tanning are local specialties), as well as a notable regional museum and sultan’s palace.

Other destinations in Niger

  • W National Park — beautiful national park, best accessible from Niamey
  • Koure — View the final giraffe herd in West Africa.
  • Balleyara Market — Two hours outside Niamey, you’ll find one of West Africa’s biggest livestock markets, as well as a colorful variety of other traditional market and artisan goods (Sundays)
  • Ayorou — Three hours from Niamey, this riverside village has a colorful, laid-back Sunday market as well as pirougue excursions to view hippos and islands.
  • Boubon — On an island in the Niger River, there is a bar/restaurant and cottages for hire on a weekly basis.
  • Termit & Tin Toumma National Nature and Cultural Reserve — The park preserves numerous species (including the highly endangered addax, Dama gazelle, and desert cheetah), the nomadic lifestyle, and includes beautiful desert scenery. It is one of Africa’s biggest reserves (twice the size of Costa Rica). Although it was founded in 2012, it will take some time for guides, ecotours, and facilities to become available.
  • Air and Ténéré Natural Reserve — a desert natural reserve that has been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list